Well i have some ideas i wanted to make into some blogs..But i think they are not worthy. So i'm putting them in to one. I also believe i owe an apology to some users, but well get to that.

Page links

As i looked through the special pages, i saw Special:Deadendpages and Special:LonelyPages. Dead-end pages mean they don't link to anywhere and Lonely pages aren't linked to. So i see it as this: Linked-pages More people need to look through these so that every page is linked to somewhere, or as i like to call it: "Endless linking".

Coded user pages

This is one of those fads everyone seems to be getting to; but does it really impress people? My user page has always been in wikia text, and always will be. Do we really need to show-off the power of coding? Some people will attempt at imitating other user pages; and will end up like this: User blog:SilverPlays97/CODING (wj4). I also think it might scare off a user; thinking that this wiki-editing thing is to complicated. I can't stop a fad, but i can state my opinion on it.

User Rights

I made a blog a while back, User blog:SilverPlays97/The SNN Social pyramid, that said i saw user rights as a "social pyramid". Now, i see it as ranks. Like in the army, every rank has equal rights, but one with a higher rank has more abilities. I have made a Flow-Chart that shows the ways users can get user rights: Flow-Chart The longest, Rollback -> chat-mod -> admin -> bureaucrat, is the most ideal because it shows you have experience in every field of the wiki; which can get you more support.


I see allot more often nominations being closed within 2 weeks and site-discussions going on for one week, and people that look like they are editing faster than they can type! Why the rush? Some things take time. If you close a discussion early you might lose the chance of a user with great influence to say their thoughts. It takes away ideas. Their are allot of users out their who do "lightning editing", which is editing pages at a very fast rate (like 10 pages per minute). I see this as intimidating and annoying. I take time on my projects. We are a wiki, not a high-school essay that is due tomorrow.

And now,

An Apology

  • To my fellow users:

I have to clarify some things. When le gave me a cleaned-up version of spyro's demotion, he said this:

"I must also inform you that this whole business is making me extremely nervous. My relationship with Spyro has never been a strong one; at one point, he considered opposing my Rollback nomination (thankfully he never did) just because I said something on chat he disagreed with. If he finds out (which he will) that I was involved in this demotion, his opinion of me would plummet even further, and I would never live it down. I'm still obliged to help though."

I Should of known to pull out then. Now look what a mess i made! People are confused about the opposition of Solace. I made it so the ME and LE would be in support of spyro's demotion. I put down the 2nd number thinking le would put his sig down. I was shocked when he opposed. I did feel betrayed for a second, then i realized le was doing this for his own good.

Le solace is an amazing user who i give my utmost respect. I do not hate him for changing his mind. DO NOT hold this ageist him when he is nominated for another position.

  • To SpyroSonic2000:

I think i rocked your world for a while. I now realize all those reasons i put to demote you where pathetic and could have been addressed user-to-user. I thought the only way i could get you to change was to set-up a demotion. I hope this does not get between us and solace. I hope this does not effect your reputation as a chat-mod. I dearly apoligise. I feel that i attacked you. I hope you don't feel the same way.

  • To Le Solace:

I should have never asked for you to be apart in spyro's demotion. You must be extremely stressed-out about what people think about you. I really do hate myself for doing this to you. I hope you can forgive me for the terrible things that i may have put you through. You are my Ally and my friend, let's just forget about this and move on to bigger and better things on SNN.

On another note, if you live in the U.S. and like NCAA Basketball, contact me if you want to have a bracket competition. SilverPlays97 (Wall) (Contributions) 23:08, February 18, 2013 (UTC)