|3 & 4>>> For those who are not aware, I have returned to the wiki to use my editing skills; mainly by adding cat's to images and other maintenance edits. However, I plan to watch every Sonic Boom episode. For every episode I will make a blog about it sharing my thoughts and what I noticed.



Synopsis & Thoughts

The episode begins with a chase scene (how original </sarcasm>). Sonic makes some good jokes and tails comes help him to stop eggman. Then comes a sene where tails uses some electo-rope-ray to help sonic knock out burn-bot (who does not burn things). We are never told what it is or how it works. I think i'll call it a 'Plot Device'. Burn-bot then gets a shot at tails and he crashes (and somehow survives).

When he wakes up at Sonic's Hawaii getaway home, he tells him he's fired. He holds tryouts and we get to see his familiar friends expose their personalities (Knucks: arrogant and brute, Any: creepy and stupid). Somehow Eggman gets involved and he, tails, and this annoying guy who says 'actually' all the time, trys to become sonic's sidekick. They do a race but in the middle of it Eggman tries to kill tails (literally says kill), and Sonic tries to stop him. Knowing the Sonic world, we go from jungle to complete iceland and tails plane crashes again and sonic saves him. This is when he tells him he was just protecting tails from danger by firing him.

Then, Burn-bot (who now can burn things), melts the ice under sonic and tails and they fall into the water. Tails does the heroic thing and saves sonic out of the water and destroying burn bot; causing Eggman to leave and fantise about ham (evil ham). Sonic and Tails reflect on the beach on how they are great friends and we end with Amy being stupid (the best way to end any sonic episode).

Overall a basic story, but not one that has been used in the sonic franchise allot. Pretty good for what would be a 'Pilot'.


  • Friends never give up on each other.
  • Protect what you love.
  • Name things correctly.

Bullet for Thought

  • Sonic: "...Never let this happen to you again." LIES.
  • Tail's delayed reaction to Sonic firing him.
  • Eggman's 4th wall joke
  • Amy: "I'm a crazy pizza man... who juggles and sings!" Amy is stupid.
  • Eggman is not a real doctor
    • Actually, he has a PhD.
  • How much do those planes cost?
  • I want to eat some evil ham

Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?

Synopsis & Thoughts

Eggman comes over to sonic's 'house' during a storm, saying his evil lare (he calls it that), had been destroyed during the storm. Eggman then asks to stay over until his place is rebuilt. After not checking his pants, sonic lets him in. In the morning, everyone is suspicious (including sticks, who doesn't get an introduction). They decide to let him stay because of his grief.

We then geotih;ugvwajesg a stupid montage of hionBEAV<HG causing sonic and tails to go mad by hioia;bEUg hitting them with pillows (sorry, my brother is hitting me with a pillow during this). We then get another annoying scene with Amy showing how much she likes MLP: FiM by telling everyone to love each other. We then see sonic, eggman, and tails staying up late watching David Letterman talk about his 'Top 10 myths about Ebola'. In the morning the duo can barely stay awake; causing eggman to reveal is evil scheme (what, you didn't notice?): making the duo too tired to defend their home from being destroyed from Obliteratorbot. Sticks is the only one who saw this coming, but then shows her crazy personality by yelling at her shadow (eat it peter pan).

Obliteratorbot missunderstoud directions by egman and then proceeds to go destroy eggman's fortress. The entire crew goes and stops Obliteratorbot by using the awesome power of teamwork (and eggman's annoying horn). It doesn't matter in the end because his fortress is destroyed by the mech falling on the place.

I think this plot was used in adventure time, but the writing is great and I enjoyed watching it. I really wish Sticks got a proper introduction, but I think that is coming later.


  • Always trust people, even if you are unsure about their motives.
  • Do the right thing regardless of the situation.
  • Make a Salmon Eggs Benedict correctly.

Bullet for Thought

  • Does Sonic have a bed?
  • Eggman: "I didn't even bring any weapons. Here, check my pants." Ew.
  • Amy: "I can keep you company. Let's explore your feelings about being a roommate. Now, pretend this balloon is your self-esteem." Amy is weird.
  • Cubot and Orbot have no sols (and are modern versions of scratch and grounder).
  • Sticks: "I knew it. He did have an Obliteratorbot. Why isn't anyone ever believe me? Its not like I'm paranoid *looks at shadow* stop following me!" Priceless.

Another thing

  • This has to be some of the best Voice Acting I have ever seen in the sonic series. If you want to hear my thoughts on it, Message me.
  • I don't hate MLP:FiM
  • I like sticks and want to see her develop more.
  • I did not look through this for errors (my AP homework is more important than capitaizing every name).

TL:DR: go back and try again.

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