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Synopsis & Thoughts

Tails shows the gang his newest invention as knucklehead and sticks play volleyball, amy reads a book for once and sonic takes a break. It translates any language (which is amazing), but when the language is English, it reveals it's true meaning. This causes some heated conversations with accusations such as sticks is crazy, knuckles is stupid, and SonAmy fans will never shut up for 5 seconds. Eggman sees this as a perfect way to ruin our friend's relationships (mwhahahaha). As tails is sleeping (with his goggles off, cute :3), eggman puts a voice box on UT (the robot's name), to make it hear the wrong thing.

In the morning, tails tries to show off UT again, and this time it goes really bad. Eggman keeps saying insulting things and later finds out he can use UT for his own personal amusement. Before all hell breaks loose, tails finds out eggman was messing with his robot, which calms everyone down (was the big eggman logo not a giveaway?). Tails wants revenge, but everyone would rather destroy the robot than get off their lazy buts. Tails then goes to get revenge on his own because... ... well looking back I don't really know (helps the plot?)

Tails drops in on eggman having cake with UT (no lie), and as a surprise to me and eggman, want to help him to get UT back. To make sure sonic doesn't think he has gone bat-s***-insane, he sends a hologram of him saying he is staying on his own free will. When UT gets to sonic and friends, it reveals the subtext and asks them to save tails (clever, I honestly did not see that coming). So they go, have a fight scene with generic boss robot #3, destroy it with knucks using a volleyball move from the opening (i love that full-circle stuff), and eggman loses and swears he will get gadget next time (plays inspector gadget theme). Sticks then destroys UT because "it had to be done" (partially true).

The writing in this makes this story great; it really shows how creative these writers can be.


  • The truth can sometimes hurt
  • What goes around comes around
  • Always lock your doors

Bullet for thought

  • Title: Take this! ~ Silver
  • Tails: "...My greatest creation..." one of many.
  • Brutal honesty is Brutal.
  • Eggman: "Stop laughing! Only I can laugh" true, true.
  • Tails is a heavy sleeper
  • Why don't they lock their doors when their is an evil mastermind a few miles away? (my 11-year-old brother came up with this)
  • Sticks is very crazy
  • Hooray for motobugs!
  • Eggman: "...this will delicious..." no, THIS IS DELICIOUS!
  • Dat derp face of sonic tho
  • I love sticks


Synopsis & Thoughts

After sonic and friends fight off fire-man from generic town #92 with awesome moves and bad puns, sticks gets a cat out of a tree by shaking it (sound familiar?). Horrified with stick's natural way of solving problems, they have an intervention with sticks about handling animals and decide to get her a pet (an animal having a pet animal?). After going to the slave pet shop and not finding sticks a pet, sticks finds the garbage I threw out a week ago; wich includes an ugly talking lunchbox. Delighted by it's ignorance, sticks names it Buster and goes home with her new pet.

After buster almost ruins everyone's lives, the gang asks sticks to get rid of buster. Naturaly she refuses (by saying the government is trying to control her brain (this world has a standing national government?)). Immediately after, Orbot and Cubot find a purpose and steal parts from a store for eggman. Sonic tries to stop them, but is unable because sticks refuses to help and walks her 'dog' around town (will this town get a name?).

Finally the gang says to get rid of buster or they leave. Right before things get out of hand, eggman drops by to give buster a robot bone. They accept the gift and buster turns into a giant tenticale monster of death and bad logic; thus adding to our "Makes mistake by trusting eggman" counter. After the the tenticale robot grabs the entire gang but sticks (which will create countless and disgusting fan fictions), sticks convinces the robot that she is his true master and throws eggman away (literally). The robot is sent away so he won't cause trouble again and we end with tails being eaten alive by a squid.

I didn't really like this episode. Buster was annoying (but that was the goal), and There was more annoyingness then enjoyment. Hope this gimmick isn't used again.


  • Sometimes, you have to put your foot down.
  • The simplest solutions are the best solutions.
  • Amy's VA is bad (I herd several bad clips in this episode).

Bullet for thought

  • Eggman: "Why does everyone assume all evil robots are made by me?" he has a point.
  • Bad puns are Bad.
  • Those anime monkeys are soo damn cute!
  • Sticks: "Who's a little cluster-wuster?" cluster ***k?
  • Another. Annoying. Montage.
  • Why is sonic not eating a chili dog during the lunch scene?
  • I want an eggman back scratcher.
  • You can not teach a robot to love.

Another thing

  • I think I will post these every Tuesday (do not hold me to that)
  • I tried to make the summaries shorter, but I couldn't. Darn.
  • I think i am starting to see a patern, but I'll say what that pattern is later.
  • When will shadow be in an episode? He was in one of the 2 games that came out, but when will he be in the show? I also want to see blaze, cream, the caotix, metal sonic, some random AOSTH character, and for my inter fanboy's sake silver.

TL:DR: go back and try again.

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