If you haven't figuered it out, today is my Birthday! I'm 15 and living life better than ever! As i promised in my Contest blog, today i would anounce a winner. All of you entrys where awesome. Boy i'd tell ya, they where hard to judge.

My entrys

But, now is the time.

In 3rd place, we have:

SilverPlays97 B-day

Shadowunleashed13's picture colab! Congradulations shadow! You get a new advatar photo!

In 2nd place, we have:


SplashTheHedgehog's marine 3-D artwork And Silver's marine outfit! Congradulations splash! You get a drawing of you fan character!

And in 1st place, we have:

Marine the Hedgehog

ModrenSonic's sketching of marine! Congradulations modern! You get a drawing of your fan character AND a video reqwest! (tell me what you want on my talk page)

WAIT! I'm not done yet!

Remember back in early august when Time Bitter posted that Senario game? Well i tock it apon myself to make my own!


Jan: Play lazer tag with

Feb: Go camping with

Mar: Get stuck in a for a week hole with

Apr: Play Sonic Shuffle with

May: Eat pizza with

June: Get in a foot race with

July: Go to a dance club with

Aug: Sleep in the same bed with

Sep: Go on an Adventure with

Oct: Pull a prank on Mario with

Nov: Go fishing with

Dec: Edit SNN with


1: Scourge

2: Tails

3: Chip

4: Amy

5: Mighty

6: Shadow

7: Sally

8: Vector

9: Cosmo

10: Eggman

11: Jet

12: Rudge

13: Big


15: Sonic

16: Fang

17: Blaze

18: Storm

19: Metal Sonic

20: Wave

21: Silver

22: Ray

23: Cream

24: Charmy

25: Knuckles

26: Manic Acorn

27: Chaos

28: Marine

29: Omega

30: Omocho

31: Super Sonic

In other news, i have a Skype now AND fonded my own wiki!

Tux you all! --SilverPlays97 (Wall) (Contributions) 12:20, September 21, 2012 (UTC)