As some of already know, I have to attend marching band camp. This will be for the rest of my summer, unfortunately. For this week, i have to be there From 1-9 PM every weekday; so i will be on in the morning. I also have this weekend free. Next week is the long hall: 9AM to 9PM, so don't expect me to be here next week; to be honest, the 1st thing i am going to do when i get home is not be here, it's to get some rest! Then that weekend i have the state fair. I will be showing my rabbits and hopefully i will get some best of breeds. After state fair i get monday off and then band is 5-9, so i will be on for that week.

Then, school starts. Right now i am not happy with where i am in my education. I need to apply myself and finish assignments, if i do that my grades will be A's and B's (because a C in my book is a bad thing). In order to do this, i need to be online less, that includes here. I don't know how school will effect my time here, but i do know it will.

So i'm not leaving, i'm just going to be on less. Take that for what you want. SilverPlays97 (Wall) (Contributions) 17:15, July 21, 2013 (UTC)