It's certainly fine to have high respects for different users, but specifically pitting people against each other in a series of user votes seems non-community like

These awards make me feel very low. That my efforts are not appreciated.

This whole idea seems to promote a competitive nature within our community.

...the results may be kinda biased.

... I didn't like the idea much in the first place as it could cause conflict and arguments between users.

In response to these statements, and with my personal thoughts, I have decided to create a new award that is in no way competitive, gives everyone the chance to get it, and is as unbiased as possible.

I give you the Sol Award! This is a special award for users who has done distinctive service on SNN and has been recognized by other users. Here are the simple rules:


  • Users are given this award by request of another user.
    • The user must contact the awards master and if the nomination is worthy (as in not silly or pointless), then he will give it to the user ASAP.
    • Layout: I request [user name] to be given a sol award because [reason]

Right way to nominate: I request Dingleburg to be given a sol award because he keeps our images well organised.

Wrong way to nominate: I request Dingleburg to be given a sol award because he is smexy.

  • You cannot nominate yourself.


Sol award This user had been given a Sol Award for [reason].

If you have some one you want nominated for a sol award, go ahead and do it here! Every month on you would have to request by my talk page, chat, or on an emerald awards blog.

So what are you waiting for? Nominate someone for a Sol Award!