Now, bear with me here, i have some explaining to support this theory.

I have looked through allot of our Archie pages, and there is one thing i have noticed: Everyone wants to destroy New Mobotropolis. Eggman Empire, Iron Dominion, Dark Legion, it seems everyone has a bone to pick at that city. What have they done wrong? All they was NICOLE built the city because Eggman destroyed knothole. The only reason they would do this is out of some evil (which doesn't surprise me); and it looks like they will never end until one of them is dead.

Does this sound familiar?

After WW2, The UN felt bad about what happened to the jewish people. To give them some collateral, the created the state of Israel in the area known as Palestine. This did not sit well with the nations already there. Every since the middle ages, palestinians had ruled the area; and they despise the jewish people. So from day the nation of Israel was created, all it's surrounding nations declared war on them. They have been fighting ever since, and there is no telling when they will stop.

The similarities here are astounding. You can not say these two conflicts are in no way alike. It wouldn't surprise me if Ian Flynn had this in mind when he was writing the story for Archie Sonic.

If you have anything to point out about this, please comment. Keep in mind any flame wars about archie sonic, jews, or palestinians will NOT be tolerated. Thanks for reading! SilverPlays97 (Wall) (Contributions) 16:59, July 18, 2013 (UTC)