That's right, I'm back to hosting the beloved, the hated, the renowned Emerald Awards! Voted by, Organized by, and for our users!

Addressing Issues

  • The awards promote competition among our users
  • I have said this before and I will say it again: The Emerald awards are here to award people for their efforts to make SNN the best wiki on everything Sonic. Why is it such a big deal that you don't get a userbox? Also, who actuality goes into every month saying 'I will do my best to get X award'? Little to no one. To raise another point what is wrong with a bit of competition? If it makes our wiki better for readers and the community then there is nothing wrong with it.
  • Same people get nominated/awarded
  • The same users get nominated because they worked just as hard as the last month. Early on, I used to copy/past the previous month's list and edit out the people who didn't deserve it. Before I went on my sabbatical, I started nomination lists from scratch every month (except the user rights awards). Tell me why it's wrong for the same user to get the same awards twice. Every time I put a previous winner up, I analyze if they truly belong on it. If you don't like previous winners getting awards again, don't vote for them. It's that simple.
  • Bias
  • The Emerald Awards are not a popularity contest. Every nomination is based off their activity for that month and how it meets the nomination requirements/rules. Here is how I went through every nomination that isn't automatic:

>Editor of the Month: I look through recent wiki activity throughout the month and make note of people who make significant edits, or just edit allot. Main space is the key, the more you edit there the more likely you are to be nominated. People who also start projects or work on templates get noted.

>Social User of the Month: This is the hardest. I mostly put down people who are in the chat allot, are always on the forums, or comment on the blogs constantly. It's hard to judge because I'm not on the chat allot and I am not always looking at the recent activity. Chat mods usually get on this list, but I am try to cut back on that.

>Blog of the Month: Basically the top commented blogs get on this list. There aren't that many blogs that can qualify, so making it is easy. I also look into effort put in based off the blog.

>Comic of the Month: Basically the same thing as BotM. I look at the quality of the drawing, editing, spritewrok, and writing if there are more than 5 a month (usually there isn't).

So if you read all of that, NOTHING is based off whether I like a user or personally don't like what they post/do. If you want to be nominated for an award, contact me! 90% of the time I will put you on the list. You can also ask me to put other users on a nomination list.
  • The Emerald Awards are not an official part of SNN. Therefore, it is blatantly wrong and rude to make a thread to remove them. Have the awards broke SNN policy? No. Has an admin every come out and say the awards are bad for SNN? No. Essentially, unless SNN's administration tells me to stop doing the emerald awards, they will not stop. IMO if that happens then the admins and community have failed.
If you think something should change or have a suggestion, Make a comment, contact me! DON'T go off and make a forum/blog about how the Emerald Awards are the beginning of the end for SNN. In the name of Yuji Naka don't do that.


The following has changed regarding the Emerald Awards (to see full changes, go here.) :

  • December 2014's awards are vacated due to there being no host.
  • Social User can have up to 15 nominations.
  • Blog of the Month:
    • Removed the '10 comment' rule.
    • News blogs no longer can qualify.
    • BlueSpeeder's award for his blog 'And unfortunate tragedy' is not recognized by The Emerald Awards since it is a 'disaster or tragic incident' blog. Blue can still keep his userbox, but that month will be vacated from a winner.
  • Joker of the Month (Fake Emerald) is retired. This is because of the constant amount of people receiving the award (5 users received the award more than once), and the high amount of Bias that goes into the judgement of the nominees.
  • New award: Moment of the Month (Freedom Emerald). This title is award to a user/group who reached a milestone/achievement or helped SNN significantly with a single action. Essentially, the highlight of the month.
  • added general rules:
  • User are allowed to differ their award(s) to the next highest-voted person.
  • The Host must give a Sol Award to 3 users.

As a note, I want a banner for the Emerald Awards. If you can make one, please contact me!!!

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