The votes have been made and here are your Emerald Award winners for September:

  • Administrator of the Month: SpyroSonic2000
  • Chat Moderator of the Month: Mystic Orb
  • Rollback of the Month: Ultrasonic9000
  • Editor of the Month: Ultrasonic9000
  • Social User of the Month: SonicTheHedgehogDude
  • Blog of the Mouth: Pacmansonic138 (Screw SonAmy, Screw Shadouge, and all the other Sonic couples! There is only one clear Sonic couple that makes sense....)
  • Artist of the Month: MintyWinterBlue
  • New User of the Month: Toxice
  • Joker of the Month: Sacorguy79

Congratulations and we will see you again in October!