Alpha the hedgehog

Age: 16

Siblings: Silver the hedgehog

Fact: (This is an FC, its not made by the sonic team)

Before any of these stories were made, Silver and his older brother, Alpha, They lived in a half-happy, half-negative sort of way, You see, way back when Silver was born, Alpha was left out of everything, As seen In Sonic the hedgehog 2006, (Or Sonic Next-Gen) Silver Travels through Crisis city, With his faithful and close friend, Blaze the cat, But, Little did Silver know that Alpha was watching him the whole time, Learning his actions, Since Silver has Psychokenesis, His brother has the opposite, Telekenesis, Alpha had a short temper and can be set off easily, Alpha was relentless, he wanted redemption, And Vengeance on Silver, so Alpha set out on a journey to hunt down his brother and take him out once and for all.

While Silver was told Lies by Mephiles, Alpha snuck through the Facillity and hacked most of the hard-to-reach entrances, He did want to take out Blaze and Silver, But Blaze's Sister: Delta, was the One that Alpha always admired, so he left the faciliity without a trace, not making one sound, 'Its pathetic to see that my brother is Naieve'

Said Alpha, He put on his ninja mask and left, Suddenly Sonic and Tails had run into Alpha, Thinking that he was Silver, What will alpha do?