So there Alpha was, stuck RIGHT infront of the most pathetic being in the world, Sonic, Within a millisecond Sonic and tails were begging for mercy, But Alpha turned down the offer, and terminated them both, So then he walked off to the main power room, and rigged it with thousands of C4's, so he walked out, and pulled the trigger, The facillity blew up, Silver, Blaze, and Mephiles went flying, covered in wounds and marks, Alpha looked at his younger brother, and pulled an evil smirk, 'Maybe next time you should think before you act, Silver' Said Alpha, and walked off.

Suddenly Alpha got knocked on the head by something and was out Cold, 'Hmph, that teaches you to mess with my friends' Said Knuckles and dragged Alpha off and threw him over the edge of angel Island. Right then Alpha woke up, With black eyes, And purple aura around him, Alpha charged a gigantic dark purple beam and split angel Island in Half.

Knuckles fell from Angel Island, about to Plunge into the depths of a Black ocean, But Alpha appeared Right infront of Knuckles, And punched Knuckles Hard in the gut, Knuckles spat out blood, and punched back, But Alpha Grabbed his fist and cracked it, then blasted Knuckles head off, Thus ending his Life.

Alpha may seem to be a dark and evil form.. But what is he?

Is he neutral? Or pure evil?