Mario & Sonic at the Olympic & Winter Games is a sports-game from Sega and Nintendo. The game revolves around their mascots Sonic and Mario, that some of their friends and enemies invite for the Olympic Winter Games from 2010 and the Olympic Games from 2012. In this game, you can do Olympic and Olympic Winter events. In this game, you can play all the playable characters in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. Also some newcomers joined the Olympic Games. There are old and new bosses in the game with a few playable.


Team Sonic

Icon Name Type
SonicRivals2 Sonic Speed
Tailsicon Tails Skill
70px Knuckles Power
70px Amy Speed
70px Eggman Skill
70px Shadow Speed
70px Rouge Skill
Omega-5 E-123 Omega Power
SilverHedgeicon Silver Skill
70px Blaze All-Around
70px Vector Power
Sonic Rivals 2 - Espio the Chameleon Espio All-Around
Charmyicon Charmy Skill
Creamicon Cream All-Around
Bigicon Big Power
Jeticon Jet Speed
Waveicon Wave All-Around
70px Metal Sonic Speed
Eggmannegaicon Eggman Nega Skill
Tikalicon Tikal Skill
Gammaicon E-102 Gamma Power
Chao! Chao All-Around
Eggpawicon Egg Pawn All-Around
Flappericon Egg Flapper Skill

Team Mario

Icon Name Type
Marioicon Mario All-Around
Luigiicon Luigi All-Around
Warioicon Wario Power
Waluigiicon Waluigi Skill
Yoshiicon Yoshi Speed
Bowsericon Bowser Power
Peachicon Peach Skill
Daisyicon Daisy Speed
Toadicon Toad All-Around
Bowserjricon Bowser Junior All-Around
Donkeykongicon Donkey Kong Power
Diddykongicon Diddy Kong Speed
Birdoicon Birdo Speed
Rosalinaicon Rosalina Skill
Dry-Bowser-icon Dry Bowser Power
Dry-Bones-icon Dry Bones All-Around
Koopaicon Koopa Troopa All-Around
Goomba All-Around