Sonictoast makes Sonic Super Sluggers, i makes Sonic Speed Basketball. The game is a Sonic-version of Mario Slam Basketball.


Sonic frees many years Flickies, Porkers or other figures. They made a big basketball stadium for Sonic and his friends. Sonic and Tails invites first. Then came Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Shadow, Rouge, Blaze and Silver. But if they just like to start, the ground begins to tremble. It turned out to be a robot of Eggman, but was that really true? Sonic and his friends now heard the voice of Eggman. He took the Flickies and Porkers imprisoned. Eggman suddenly went inside and stole the basketball.


Artwork Name
Sonic-188 Sonic
Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) - Tails - 1 Tails
Knuckles 34 Knuckles
ASR Amy Amy Rose
Robotnik pose 23 Dr. Eggman
Sonic-rivals-2--signature-render Shadow
Rouge 17 Rouge
Omega 2006 E-123 Omega
NSMBBL~1 Blaze
Silver 2 Silver
Sonic Rivals 2 - Espio the Chameleon Espio
Happy-new-Vector Vector
Charmyed1 Charmy Bee
Cream ripped sonic riders zero gravity Cream
CheeseHeroes Cheese
Chao! Chao
YellowChaoLoving Yellow Chao
PinkChao Pink Chao
TheDarkChao Dark Chao
Hero Chao Hero Chao
Omo Omochao
ASR Big Big
Jet Jet
WaveSwallow Wave
Storm Storm
Flicky-at-vancouver Flicky
Flicky Red 1 Red Flicky
Flicky Green 1 Green Flicky
Pink-flicky-render Pink Flicky
Dr. Eggman Nega
Metal Sonic 16 Metal Sonic
Tails Doll Tails Doll
Metal knuckles Sonic R Metal Knuckles
Knack 1 Fang
En pwn Egg Pawn
Flapper Egg Flapper
BombFlapper Bomb Flapper
S4 Motobug Sprite Motobug
Caterkiller3D Caterkiller
S4 Newtron Sprite Newtron
Bean 2 Bean
Chara bark Bark
Elise2006 Elise
Chip Chip
Misc boss zero E-100 Alpha
E-101--sonic-adventure E-101 Beta
E102gamma E-102 Gamma
E103 E-103 Delta
E-104--sonic-adventure E-104 Epsilon
E-105--sonic-adventure E-105 Zeta
Samba 3 Samba de Amigo
Amiga 1 Amiga
Linda 1 Linda
Rio 1 Rio
Mario Mario
Luigi 1 Luigi
Wario 1 Wario
Waluigi Waluigi
Yoshi Yoshi
PeachBrawl Peach
Daisy Daisy
Rosalina Rosalina
BowserNSMBWii Bowser
Toad 1 Toad
BlueToad Blue Toad
Birdo Birdo
DK Donkey Kong
Bjr Bowser Jr.
Diddy Kong 1 Diddy Kong
AGoomba Goomba
Koopa Koopa Troopa
BooDiddley Boo
King-Boo-icon King Boo
Ludwig Ludwig von Koopa
ASR Billy Billy Hatcher
Nights 2 NiGHTS
Reala 1 Reala
William 1 William
Alex-Kidd-1 Alex Kidd
ASR Aiai Aiai
Ulala Ulala