This is my Sonic Personality test that is for you, to take the test, just scroll down and answer every question by commenting, I have an example on the bottom of this blog. Also Remember when taking this test it's not the character you want to be its all you.

1. If you could have one power what would it be?

  • A. Super Speed
  • B. Strength
  • C. Flight
  • D. Teleporting
  • E. Psychokinesis
  • F. Pyrokinesis
  • G. None

2. What would you do if someone wanted to fight you?

  • A. Fight Back
  • B. Get Help
  • C. Run away
  • D. Tell he person to stop

3. Who would you fight if you were to fight a Sonic Character?

  • A. Sonic
  • B. Shadow
  • C. Silver
  • D. Eggman
  • E. Knuckles
  • F. Metal Sonic
  • G. Espio
  • H. Mephiles
  • I. Iblis
  • J. Solaris
  • K. Black Doom
  • L. None, I don't like fighting

4. What food will you eat if you were hungry?

  • A. Chili Dogs
  • B. Candy
  • C. Fruit
  • D. Ice Cream
  • E. Pizza
  • F. Cookies
  • G. Balogna
  • H. Fish
  • I. Steak
  • J. None, I'm not hungry

5. What would you do if your best friend was killed?

  • A. Try to avenge him/her
  • B. Laugh
  • C. Cry
  • D. Kill yourself
  • E. Try to revive him/her with the Chaos Emeralds

6. What would you do if the world is being invaded?

  • A. Try to save it
  • B. Kill yourself
  • C. Cry
  • D. Close your eyes and wait for the world to end
  • E. Yell at whoever is doing so

7. What if your friend was about to die, what what you do?

  • A. Kill him/her
  • B. Take him/her to the doctor
  • C. Cry
  • D. Talk to them until he/she dies

8. If you could leave Earth and live somewhere else where would you live.

  • A. Mobius
  • B. Death Egg
  • C. Space
  • D. Space Colony Ark
  • E. Green Hill Zone
  • F. I would stay on Earth.

9. If you were to do training (in fighting), where would you train?

  • A. Angel Island
  • B. Egg Carrier
  • C. Green Hill Zone
  • D. Chao Garden
  • E. Station Square
  • F. Mystic Ruins
  • G. Soleanna

10. The most Important question, are you male or female?

  • A. Male
  • B. Female

My example: 1:A, 2:A, 3:D, 4:E, 5:A, 6:A, 7:B, 8:E, 9:F, 10:A

I'm Sonic, do the same thing and I will replyu and tell you the results.