well how to start... how about how i dont hate 4kidstv anymore?

well when i was a kid i didnt give a care about diferent dubs of shows and my 2 favorite shows were sonic x and kirby right back at ya, both by 4kids, as i grew up i stoped watching kirby sonic x came to be more my favorite show, whatever, when i turned 12 i started to care about what dubs were better and i started watching the origanal sonic x (you know in japenese), and i also atarted to hate 4kids for turning such a good anime into a saturday-morning-cartoon and now we are back in the present.

just a few minutes ago i was reading up on sonic x on wikipedia (dont ask why) and i read something... 4kids were uploading the origanal sonic x on there youtube channel... and well 4kids seemed to not suck as much as i thought they did, cool. but i cant start watching yet cause i dont have any working headphones (i like watching youtube videos better with headphones and this really needs them) so ya ill have to wait