Princess of another dimensionPrincess of Soleanna
Considers her fire ability a curseHas a curse of a fire monster sealed inside of her
Been alone because of her responsibilitiesBeen alone because of responsibilities and the death of parents
Says she's not allowed to show her emotionsIs told to never cry as the fire monster will cause chaos.
Cured by Sonic and CreamCured by Sonic
Sonic having a large impact on her lifeSame
Guardian of the Sol EmeraldsPrincess of Soleanna, and a God named Solaris
Seals Iblis inside herself in Sonic 06 (only)Iblis sealed inside of her throughout the whole game.
First debut in 2005First debut in 2006

Conceptually, these characters are the same. And the dates of their debuts are also around the same time.

This theory says that Blaze and Elise are based on one concept, making them the same person. But then the development team divided it into two people, with one of them just being a one-time character (Elise).

Further proof of them being the same person is in Sonic 06. Blaze was pushed into an entirely difference role in Sonic 06 with no explanations at all and that version was Blaze was never used again. Could it be because she was too similar to Elise?

  • Blaze isn't a princess in the game
  • No mention of fire curse
  • No interaction with Sonic
  • No Sol Emeralds

Basically, they removed whatever made Blaze similar to Elise, just for one game only.