Name: Nyx
Gender: Female

Some Sprites of Nyx.

Species: Fox
Age: 14
Behaviour: An incredibly shy vixen, she has massive trouble getting to obtain friends. She shys from conversations and crowds, and normally curls up, knees to her chin, to avoid conversation, and she has that knack to make conversations awkward.
Description: Nyx is a brown vixen with a long fringe that partly covers one eye with shoulder length hair. Her eyes are a violet colour, and she has teal eyelids. She wears a long-sleeved teal jumper which is WAY too big for her, with a short-sleeved dark-blue undershirt, and a white leather belt which holds her dagger. She wears violet joggers with navy-blue tips.
Weapon: Her main weapon is a small Japanese dagger, but she rarely uses it, and she relies on her speed, which is way less than Sonic or Shadow, but still moderately fast.
Timeline: An afterwards-Apocalyptic Era where people still exist, just that there’s a massive hole in the side of the earth and some tension here and there, and food and water are less frequent then before, but living is still okay as her small town copes.
Where she lives: Nyx lives in a small village with her mother who encourages her to crawl out from her shell, but Nyx is still resiliant although she adores her mother very much and still lives with her. (She's 14, not 20! Waddya expect? XD) Her village is near Angel Island, which is about 20 kilometres away.
Skills: Drawing, Writing, and she likes to sing very softly to herself.
Powers: Like other characters, she has a super form when in contact with the Chaos Emeralds.