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    ok it starts off with sonic running in green hill zone while sonic boom is playing after the song finishes the classic sonic the hedgehog logo appers. after the logo appers tails appers with sonic and they see eggman laughing.

    put your ideas down there

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    The Replacment SNN Chat

    September 20, 2011 by SmashingStar64

    Talk Below

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    when you play em tell me what you think of em

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  • SmashingStar64

    yes way it is going to be a flash game here is the STORY

    a evil genius travels thru time to kill sonic and prevent Super from being born when super find out about this he time travels to 1991 and teams up with sonic to kill the evil genius

    Super the armadillo

    Sonic the hedgehog

    areas/zones depend on what character you use if you play as sonic 4 sonic zones 2 super areas when you play as super BACKWARDS


    green hill zone

    casino street zone

    labyrinth zone

    Death egg zone


    grass land area

    casino world area

    tropicial seas area

    sky station area

    hope you like it

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    ok this blog is open AGAIN now after the failure of the dreamcast here is the truth when microsoft joined the war somebody had to leave so SEGA left and they said "we are making games but no hardware so we are making games for other hardware" so but the truth is SA2B was the first game not on a SEGA console

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