• Some Random Skittles

    Don't freak out now! It's just an idea of mine... or some weird fandom. No matter how you call it, it's just an idea that I'm having. So yeah, enjoy.

    Ever thought about the shadow that has evolved by taking the shape of Shadow? The mind of a god that has split into two beings? Now forget, what they've told you. And think about this. What if, in the distant past, Mephiles was actually one of the good guys?

    Let's begin on his origin. Let us think of something entirely different...

    Mephiles was once a normal Nerohog (black hedgehog). He existed in another dimension, far off from what you know as the universe of Sonic and his friends. This dimension already exists for an unmeasureable time lapse, long before the Sonic Universe was created. The Ne…

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