I think it's finaly time to set foot onto the game most Sonic fans despise, Sonic the Hedgehog, for Xbox 360 and PS3. Personally, AM I THE ONLY F*CKING ONE WHO APPRECIATES THIS GAME!?!?! This game is essentially Sa3. The story is bad, yeah, but it had some nice parts, and some plot holes were just damn funny. Elise is a nice character, and I personally support SonElise. It's nowhere as bad as fans say it is. The controls are the best of any SOnic game, but the gameplay is what dragged it down. Sonic Story was made by Heaven productions, Silvers mix bag, Shadow horrendous, and last story, ZZZZZZZ. The graphics are amazing, and are still my favorite up to this day. Perfect presentation, music, contrls, character models, and roster brings the game up a bit, but the harrible hit detection, bugs, only able to enjoy 1/4 of game, bad story yet laughable, the ring mission, amy's play style, knux play style, Rouge play style, and shit like that bring this game down. Xbox 360 get's 7.5/10, PS3, a 5/10. let me know what you think of this game. I love seeing the various receptions this game get's. It's hilarious, simple as that.