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  • I live in Chicago, Illinois
  • I was born on December 5
  • My occupation is I do not have one
  • I am Female
  • SonAmy623

    My editing

    July 4, 2013 by SonAmy623

    I'm struggling in my editing because it is nearly impossible for my to edit when I'm always so busy. So busy, right now, I'm going to edit as much as I can.

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  • SonAmy623

    My Fan Character

    July 2, 2013 by SonAmy623

    Flamette the Hedgehog looks just like Amy Rose. She wears a light red dress, her fur is dark orange, yellow boots, red ring bracelets, orange hairband, a necklace that represents fire. She is very calm. Her opposite is Frostette the Hedgehog. (S)he also enjoys hot food.

    She was born near Hedgehog Dude's birthplace to Burnette the Hedgehog on 232, 2721. She was raised to be evil, but refused. Later, her mother disowned her. Her sister Firette was born 6 months after her birth. Later, they had spent the 504 years of their life in a Non-Age thingy, condemned to die of hunger and thirst. Then, Hedgehog Dude found them not breathing and carried them to safety.

    Flamette later developed a crush on Hedgehog Dude. She always kept a secret of her crus…

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  • SonAmy623

    1. She is very annoying and is always being picked over Amy Rose.
    2. If she had a Weretransformation, it would be very ugly.
    3. She looks worst than any other Sonic character in the series.
    4. She is not very easy to hate to other people, but I hate her.
    5. She does not deserve to live, but she was born away.

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  • SonAmy623

    Sonic: Sonic the Werehog
    Tails: Tails the Werefox
    Knuckles: Knuckles the Werechidna
    Amy: Amy the Werehog
    Shadow: Shadow the Werehog
    Rouge: Rouge the Werebat
    Cream: Cream the Wererabbit
    Vector: Vector the Werecrocodile
    Espio: Espio the Werechameleon
    Charmy: Charmy the Werebee
    Blaze: Blaze the Werecat
    Silver: Silver the Werehog
    Jet: Jet the Werehawk
    Wave: Wave the Wereswallow
    Big: Big the Werecat

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  • SonAmy623

    Shadow Unleashed

    June 26, 2013 by SonAmy623
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