Flamette the Hedgehog looks just like Amy Rose. She wears a light red dress, her fur is dark orange, yellow boots, red ring bracelets, orange hairband, a necklace that represents fire. She is very calm. Her opposite is Frostette the Hedgehog. (S)he also enjoys hot food.


Early lifeEdit

She was born near Hedgehog Dude's birthplace to Burnette the Hedgehog on 232, 2721. She was raised to be evil, but refused. Later, her mother disowned her. Her sister Firette was born 6 months after her birth. Later, they had spent the 504 years of their life in a Non-Age thingy, condemned to die of hunger and thirst. Then, Hedgehog Dude found them not breathing and carried them to safety.

After her saveEdit

Flamette later developed a crush on Hedgehog Dude. She always kept a secret of her crush on him. Her crush on him began to expand throughout every day. Hedgehog Dude and her have had several romantic moments with each other in the games and in TV shows, but the TV shows show more romantic examples than in the games.

Meeting Lightning DudeEdit

Flamette met Lightning Dude. She thought Lightning Dude didn't draw much attention. Lightning Dude finds Flamette as a love interest a little bit though. Her sister liked Lightning Dude little bit more than Flamette did. But she didn't find Lightning Dude much of a love interest.

Meeting Sonic TeamEdit

Flamette returned to see Hedgehog Dude and showered Hedgehog Dude with tons of chocolate apples. Later, Flamette returned and met the Sonic team shortly after.


Eclipse FlametteEdit

This form occurs on a Lunar Eclipse or when she sees someone badly hurt or killed and she loses control. She starts to look like Shadow, her fur turns into dark red, her eyes are faded and purple, her shoes look like Shadow's and their pink and red. She battled Sonic, Shadow, Lightning Dude, Jawbreaker the Hedgehog, Jawbreaker the Cat, and Hedgehog Dude. She defeated all of them except Hedgehog Dude, who was holding back. He then turned Super 2 and "tore her to shreds".

Appearances In Other MediaEdit

Sonic XEdit

Flamette made an appearance in Sonic X Season 4 Episode 12, She meets the Sonic Team and they look for Hedgehog Dude and they find him fighting Jawbreaker again. Jawbreaker actually loses due to Hedgehog Dude being stronger than him. Lightning Dude humors Jawbreaker. Also, she appears in all the episodes after that. Her care for Hedgehog Dude grew every season.

Sonic X: Return of Hedgehog DudeEdit