Hey everyone! I know you guys read Sonic's blog about his movie idea so I thought I come up with a movie idea myself. Like Sonic's, it will be written Wikipedia style. So, on with the plot.

Sonic: The Movie is a American live-action action movie based off the video game character and franchise of the same name. The film is rated PG-13.


On Planet Mobius, Sonic the Hedgehog is on a mission to save three of his friends, Amy, Cream and Cheese while recovering the seven Chaos Emeralds from Dr.Eggman and his army of robots from taking over the world with the help of his other friends, Miles “Tails” Prowler and Knuckles the Echidna. Sonic manage to infiltrate Dr.Eggman’s aircraft and freed his friends but has trouble getting the Chaos Emerald from the Dr.Eggman. When all of the seven Chaos Emeralds begins to react, it causes Chaos Control which sends everyone in the area to a different planet.

On Planet Earth in New York City, a teenage girl named Ashley Faith has just woken up from her sleep and decided to go for a walk in the city when all of sudden, her necklace that she is wearing, began to glow and she gets a vision. Something was definitely going on here. But she decided to ignore it and continues her walk.

On top of a building not far from here, Sonic wakes up and finds himself all alone in the city. He then began to wonder if he travel either through space and time or both or if he is the only one here or if his friends are gone. He decided to find out sooner or later and chill out for a moment and thinks of a plan to find his friends, the Chaos Emeralds and find a way back home.

Hours later, Ashley decided to go back to where the vision came from. She gets it again but this time, she can sense it. She made her way to Washington Square Park. She then finds a Chaos Emerald there and her necklace began to glow again. But then, she was attack by three robots. Sonic wakes up from his nap when he heard the noise from the distance and decided to check it out. The robots was about to fire at Ashley when Sonic came and saves her at the last minute and puts her somewhere safe and goes back to fight the robots. Sonic manages to destroy the first two with no trouble and goes back to Ashley to see if she was alright.

Before he destroys the final robot, Tails, Cream & Cheese arrive just in time in the Tornado to help Sonic finish off the robot. Sonic reunited with his two friends but noticed Knuckles and Amy is not with them. Cream told him that they were separated because of Chaos Control and Tails asked Sonic that if they still on their home planet or not. Ashley told them where they are and she was awed about the whole fight that she has witness. Sonic then introduced himself and his friends as Ashley does the same.

Nearby, a small camera robot has recorded the whole fight and sends it to Dr.Eggman who is also sent here as well along with his henchmen and his aircraft, decided to continue his Eggman Empire in this new world. He decided to set target for the city to find the Chaos Emeralds.

Back in New York City, Ashley realized that Sonic, Tails, Cream and Cheese came from another world by the Chaos Control which it is caused by the Chaos Emeralds. After Tails describes what a Chaos Emerald looks like to Ashley, she then showed them the Chaos Emerald that she found early but then they were interrupted by the sound of the police that was heading towards the school so Sonic, Tails, Cream & Cheese and Ashley escape in Sonic’s plane, the Tornado and flies before the police got to the park.

They went to Ashley’s apartment where she lives with her older brother, Chris who is a scientist and inventor. They decided to hide out here for now. As they relax, Sonic, Tails and Cream began telling their story.

Meanwhile, Knuckles and Amy were walking through the streets, looking for Sonic and the others when they are discovered by Jessica and Daniel, close friends of Ashley. After the animals told them what happen, Jessica and Daniel decide to take them to Ashley’s place where they are reunited with the others. After telling the whole story to Jessica and Daniel, they all decided to team up together to find the rest of the Chaos Emeralds and find a way back home. Sonic also told Knuckles and Amy that Dr. Eggman is here as well. Ashley wants to tell them how she found the Chaos Emerald but hesitates to speak up.

Meanwhile, an older man name Maxwell Cross was observing the fight that was tapped early at the park. He also saw the girl on the tape and realised who she was and has been keeping a close eye on her and her brother who works for him.

Meanwhile in Ashley’s apartment, everyone was fast asleep excerpts for Ashley who couldn’t just sleep after a day she just had. Since she couldn’t go back to sleep and it was still early, Ashley decided to go for a “scroll”. She goes to the rooftops and just like her dream; she begins to fly and journey around the city until sunrise but was attacked by more robots the same robots from last night.

Hours later, Jessica finds out Ashley is gone and wakes up the others to tell the news. Sonic and the other wake up to find Ashley gone. Just before they left to find her, Ashley’s brother, Chris, comes home early and discovers Sonic and the others. Jessica and Daniel then explains to Chris what has happen last night to him and then told him about their plan to find the rest of the Chaos Emeralds and get Sonic and the others back home.

Chris believes every word they say and decide to let Sonic and the others stay here until they find a way back home. He turns on the news to see if anyone has notice them yet. Luckily for them, no-one in the city knows that Sonic and the others are here, only the robots. Chris also noticed that Ashley isn’t here. Jessica told him that she’s gone without anyone knowing. They go up to the rooftop; hoping she would be there but she wasn’t.

Sonic decides to go look for her. Sonic searches through the whole city until he found Ashley flying in the air; being chased and attacked by four of Dr. Eggman’s robots at Central Park. Sonic was stunned to see Ashley with wings growing out from her back though she has taken up much damage thanks to the robots. Just before the robots attacked again, Sonic was about to jump in and save her when Ashley, to Sonic’s astonished, she throws a fire ball at the first robot; lightening it on fire, completely destroying it. She then flies in the air and lands near the lake as the robots followed her. Then, she moves the water from the lake and freezes another robot. The third robot fires missiles at her but uses little tornados to throw the missiles back to the robot; destroying it. She then manages to destroy the last robot by throwing big earth bolder from the ground.

Ashley then finds out that Sonic was watching her the whole time. She then revealed that she is the is from a race of Winged Mobian which are humans or creature that were born to fly that Chris was telling her about and has the power the four elements. She also sense that the next Chaos Emerald was on building. The reason she didn’t tell Sonic and her friends about her secret because she was afraid of what the others might think of her but Sonic doesn’t care about that because he completely understand and so will the others too.

They decided to head back and tell the others that Sonic found her when Dr. Eggman and his army of robots attack the city in the search for the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic races off to fight the robots while Ashley calls the others of what’s happening. Sonic continue to fight the robots until Tails and the others arrived to help him. Sonic manage to defeat the robots and Dr. Eggman as he escapes and Sonic and his friends are hailed as heroes by the city. Dr. Eggman was about to leave the city with his aircraft when Maxwell approach him for a partnership with him and help him try to obtain the Chaos Emeralds to help him conquer the world which Dr. Eggman agrees to but what Dr. Eggman doesn’t know that Maxwell has something else on his mind.

A couple of weeks later, Sonic and the others are now adjusting their life on Earth. Sonic’s friends learn more about Ashley’s secret. During their time, they did manage to find three more Chaos Emeralds thanks to the other two Chaos Emeralds and Ashley who can sense them within a mile away. To make things a bit more fun for Sonic and his friends, they have been invited to a party in honour of their work by kids from Ashley, Jessica and Daniel’s school. Once they got there, Amy, Ashley and Jessica took the floor and sang “Warrior” by Havana Brown. Sonic and the others were surprised that Amy is a fantastic singer and everyone loves their performance even Sonic who says that Amy was absolutely amazing. Everyone continued to have fun for the rest of the night.

The next day, Ashley, Jessica, Amy, Cream and Cheese were having a girls’ day out in the city. Ashley mentions that Chris hasn’t come back home last night. Amy told Ashley that she should have back to Mobius with them. Ashley was surprised but assures her new friends that she will think about when they were attacked and knocked out by Eggman’s robots and were taken to an unknown location. Eggman then sent Bokkun a message to Sonic, saying he has kidnapped the girls and want to make a trade: The Chaos Emeralds for the girl’s safety. Sonic find the girls at NYLAB – New York of Scientific Geniuses and Machinery Laboratory, where Chris’ works. Once inside, he gets knocks out and captured by group of robots.

Sonic wakes up to find himself in a small prison with Amy, Jessica, Cream, Cheese, Chris, Dr.Eggman and his henchmen. Amy told Sonic that Maxwell has taken Ashley somewhere else. Sonic learned from Dr. Eggman that Maxwell has double-cross him and decide to rule the world with a new robot that they have been working on for a while now with the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds that he needs to power the robot.

Ashley then wakes up to find herself inside a glass sphere, inside an aircraft that transform into a huge robot. Maxwell arrives and tells Ashley his plan to recreate the city in his own image and soon the world with the power of the Chaos Emeralds. He was also going to use Ashley’s power and the power of the Chaos Emeralds to help power the machine which nearly kills her. He also sent robots to guard the city and destroy the military just in case.

Tails and the others manage to sneak into the building and free Sonic, Amy, Jessica, Cream, Cheese, Chris, Eggman and his henchmen. Eggman told everyone that Maxwell has left already with the robot to destroy the city and rebuild it for his own empire called the Maxwell Empire (Which makes him really mad about someone stealing his own plan and name for his own empire). They race into the heart of the city to find Maxwell has sent most of the robots to destroy the city. Sonic tries to fight it (Tails helps with the Tornado) but no such luck fighting against Maxwell since he has all seven of the Chaos Emeralds. Luckily, both Amy and Chris manage to get inside the robot, shut the defence system down which also free Ashley from her prison. Once they got to the main control room where Maxwell is nowhere to seen but they did manage to find Ashley and to their horrors, she was badly injured and was nearly on the brink of death.

Just before they take her, Maxwell appears with a gun in his hand and demands to drop the girl. Chris was furious at someone whom their parents trusted for many years and who also took him and Ashley in after their mother passed away and their father left. The only reason that Maxwell has kidnap Ashley was to find a way to destroy her because as a direct order from his boss.

Before he shoots Chris, the aircraft begins to shake. Maxwell realized the power of the Chaos Emeralds plus Ashley’s powers sends the robot out of control, which will caused it explode; destroying the city.

Sonic arrives just in time and takes the Chaos Emeralds back from Maxwell and use their power to transform into Super Sonic. Ashley gets healed from the Emeralds’ power and her hair permanently turns white.

Super Sonic battle the robot in this epic battle while Chris, Ashley and Amy escape in Tails’ Plane. He manage to destroy the robot and Maxwell was sent to jail for life.

A week later, Tails, Chris and some of his workers manage to the fix up the damage aircraft with a time-space warp engine (thanks to the power of the Chaos Emeralds) that will send Sonic and the others including Dr. Eggman and his henchmen back home. Ashley decides to go with them to learn more about her destiny as one of the Saviour and wants to help Sonic and the others. Chris comes along to keep an eye on her because he made a promise to someone years ago but he didn’t say who to Ashley. Sonic and the others say goodbye to everyone and left the planet. They finally return to Planet Mobius, along with Ashley and Chris. Ashley told Sonic that this adventure is over. But Sonic told her that their adventure has just begun.

As they return, a mysteries hooded figure from Ashley’s dream, watched them from a distance, sensing that a certain Winged Mobian has returned. Realizing that his operator failed to destroy her, he will have to deal with the girl himself as he flies away.


Sonic the Hedgehog voiced by Jason Anthony Griffith

Miles "Tails" Prowler voiced by Amy Palant

Knuckles the Echidna voiced by Dan Green

Amy Rose voiced by Lisa Ortiz

Cream the Rabbit voiced by Rebecca Honig

Cheese the Chao voiced by Jack Quevas

Dr.Eggman voiced by Mike Pollock

Decoe & Bocoe voiced by Andrew Rannells and Darren Dunstan.

Ashely Faith

Jessica Burner

Daniel Holt

Chris Faith

Maxwell Cross


  • Since the movie will be live-action, Sonic and his friends will CGI