I’m not kidding. They are back and this time, it’s for real! If you guys don’t know what SOPA means, here it is. SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Acts. In this case, all fanart will be deleted, all fan-pages, fanfics, fan made videos, etc. So that means Sayonara to Fanfiction, DeviantArt, Tumblr, parts of YouTube and Google, and a whole lot more. The people who wants to get rid of them are like the N.O. people if anyone who has been reading Witch & Wizard by James Patterson (Another great book written by the greatest writer on the planet) which it is just sick! As writers and viewers of this fantastic website, we DO NOT want that to happened now do we? Down below is the link where you guys can sign in for the petition. And you better hurry, we have only until March the 19th which right now is… 3 DAYS AWAY! So, get to it and speard the word!