Hey there!

A long time since a did a blog on this wiki, am i right? Anyway, a thought just came to me about the Sonic '06 game where there were lots of negative reviews and i thought maybe if they do a remark version of it, they will be some changes to it or we'll keep some old ones that we like.

I haven't played the game yet cause of the review but i did have a look of the summary and its ok, just a few changes like CUT THE KISS SCENE for crying out loud! I just wish SEGA didn't have to rush so quickly. i wish they planned it with more time rather than on the dot.

The graphic i seen are pretty good, real life-like. Wish i could see more of that.

You guys also the gameplay wasn't good and wish for more like Sonic Unleashed, Colours and Generation. But you know what? I agreed with the new gameplay.

Anything you guys want to put it, you are welcome to. No flames, please!