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  • Sonamyfan666

    Hey there just bringing a very late Holiday Gift to my friends firenimies and fellow users on the wiki to try out some new games or series that I feel like Sonic to an existent. I'll be going in a reverse order from one to ten this time so the best is first. I'll stick to one game per-franchise unless there's a tie then I'll list them all. Overall I'm looking for similar traits that I do for my best game per system lists.

    1:Turtle Tale-System Wii U and 3DS E-Shop A fairly short but fun game worth the 2.99 there asking for that looks nice and all the player votes I've seen for the 3DS shown it's good getting mostly 4s and 5s out of five stars. The pace is quick the visuals nice but simple and there's even a unlockable super hard mode like He…

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  • Sonamyfan666

    Before I begin the rules more characters,missions,collectibles helps it out so in short larger games are better and the system must have more then one game ports aren't being counted but remakes are. Also no side games that differ radically from the main series CD Chaotix and Story Book series are counted as viable. This list isn't a favorites list just a list of games that you should get if you can only get one.

    • Master System: Sonic Chaos
    • Genesis/Mega Drive: Sonic 3 and Knuckles
    • Game Gear: Tails Adventure
    • Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure
    • Gamecube: Sonic Adventure DX
    • Xbox: Shadow the Hedgehog
    • PS2: Sonic Unleashead
    • GBA: Sonic Advance 3
    • Phones: Sonic Unleashed
    • Wii: Sonic and the Black Knight
    • Xbox 360: Sonic Unleashead
    • PS3: Sonic Unleashead
    • DS: Sonic Rush Adven…
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  • Sonamyfan666

    This really Pi$$ me off they continously are flipping to the bird/giveing the middle finger to Amy Rose fans with the 3DS version I just finished playing the DEMO while I can see no technicly faults the design faults are still there first the make the orginal Traliers look like you can play as her then they introduced Not-Marine-Replacing-Cream and then they go around and give the personalty of a Scrappy character and then say F-YOU Amy Rose fans who only own a 3DS and can't get a Wii U and have her remove Amy from her first playable apperance on a a nintendo Handheld in a DECADE Sonic Advnace 3 came out in 2004 and you can't play any game with her playable on the 3DS Tails and Knuckles you can and the fact that they choose to have her be …

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  • Sonamyfan666

    Just figured I'd put this out there for people who what to say something nice.

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  • Sonamyfan666

    The reason I was really excited for the 3Ds version so I can paly as Amy in again in a traditional game but not F*CK YOU HAVE STICKS IN HER PLACE. Now I don't mind that she is playable because she is going to play a big part in the series but the fact she is booting out is what PI$$ me off there's no reason for her to over take Amy in terms of importants in playable character slots she's a new character that is best summed up as "Not Marine replaceing Cream" while Amy is a long running well loved character so her outsing Amy is not a smart move at all.

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