Hey there just bringing a very late Holiday Gift to my friends firenimies and fellow users on the wiki to try out some new games or series that I feel like Sonic to an existent. I'll be going in a reverse order from one to ten this time so the best is first. I'll stick to one game per-franchise unless there's a tie then I'll list them all. Overall I'm looking for similar traits that I do for my best game per system lists.

1:Turtle Tale-System Wii U and 3DS E-Shop A fairly short but fun game worth the 2.99 there asking for that looks nice and all the player votes I've seen for the 3DS shown it's good getting mostly 4s and 5s out of five stars. The pace is quick the visuals nice but simple and there's even a unlockable super hard mode like Heroes and Shadow has.

2:Adventure Ponies 1&2-System Flash-Location ( I know that a good portion of Sonic fans don't like the newest generation of the MLP series but this did fit the requirements and they are really good games to boot sense this link takes you to the main game page I also recommend Power Ponies as well. Both games have 6 characters to play has and 3 layouts for each level based on the characters movement skill.

3:Vexx-Systems Gamecube,PS2,&Xbox A very good game that is quite dark in terms of story and very difficult I have the game 100% but can't beat the final boss. I recommended it but be warned this game will kick your a$$ alot.

4:Ristar both versions-Systems Genesis/Megadrive and Game Gear made by Sega and looks just like the Classic Games these games are tough but fun highly recommend the console version has a lot more rereleases so it should be easier to get but I do recommend you put the effort into finding the game gear one as well.

5:NiGHTS Journey of Dreams-System Wii I don't need to say much here I choice it over the original (which is also a good choice) because it gets to much hate pro-tip use the Gamecube controller.

6:Vectorman 1&2-System Genesis/Megadrive Okay last one by Sega guys last one another tough game but unlike the other hard ones you can drop the difficult with out it insulting you. If you want to play them and have a Gamecube or Wii then get Sonic Gems Collection to play them.

7:Scooby-Doo Night of 100 Frights-System Gamecube,PS2,&Xbox A licensed game made it on here the world must be ending then is what your thinking right well don't freak out just yet it's a really good game that is long and get's pretty jerkish near the end. The game is a love letter to the original series and is overall very fun the only downside is that you only control Scooby and the only other member of Mystery Inc. you see frequently is Shaggy but just as in the show the monsters are the star here and you'll see almost all the original ones as either plan mooks or the bosses.

8:Croc Legend of the Gobbos-System PlayStation This game is fun but Simple and Easy it also has both Memory Card and Password saves so yes you can be a cheater and just skip actually doing the hard work to unlock the Bonus world but at least try before you do. The second game is also recommended but it's to far to make it on the list that and I like this game better.

9:Castle of Illusion:Staring Micky Mouse All versions-Systems Master System,Game Gear,Genesis/Megadrive,PS3,&360 Okay I lied one more game by Sega these games are very good and do feel like the Sonic Games of there times even going so far as to reuse the Chaos Emerald models in the remake version. Unlockable Costumes are included in the HD version as well.

10:Papa Louie When Pizzas Attack/When Burgers Attack-Systems Flash located on I was debating this but they are good games and unlike most other games in the series are platformers and not business sims. They have saved files while the first game only lets you play as Papa Louie him self the second has more characters and missions in the stages beyond get to the goal.

Joke:Awesome Possum Kicks Doctor Machinos But-Systems Genesis/Megadrive Like dude this is the most awesome and most totally radical game ever stop reading and go play it man don't listen to those lairs on the net man.

Well I hope you enjoyed it and tell me what games you would recommend as well.