Before I get started I want to point this out some tips can be applied to every racer some can't also Amy is one of the best characters in the game but you have to use her right like in Sonic Advance to see her true worth the CPU dose not but with this tips you can.

1:Use the anlogue stick to control Amy (This can be used for anyone)

this one is very simple use it like your playing a normal Sonic game for the Saturn you have to use the 3D controler which dose work by the way.

2.Make use of the sharp turn buttons (This can be used for anyone)

again another simple one just use them if you think you can't make a turn or need to turn when using her turbo boost.

3.Use her turbo ablity in the right places

this is one of Amy's best traits her when using it she becomes the fastest character in the game but can baerly turn but the speed in the right places more then makes up for it.

4.Use shortcuts ( This can be used for anyone)

Amy is one of 2 characters that dose not lose speed when going over water. ( note Turbo mode dose not work on water) The only other is IT ( It's not Super Eggman or any of the Robots and most certainy none of the rest of the main racers)

5.Collect Rings (This can be used for anyone)

Collecting rings not only lets you take the little turbo pads and shortcuts but they boost your speed to and Amy has decent speed better the Egman Egg Robo and IT and roughly on par with Tails but collecting rings will boost this and don't worry CPU players don't get the ring speed bonus but other humans will so be careful also don't take the turbo pads or ring doors if some one else opens one take but a high ring count is always good don't waste them.

And thier you have it five tips to inmprove your Amy game any tips you need me to explain a bit better just ask or just give your own suggestions I'm open to hearing others thoughts on this matter.