Hey there I just made a new wiki today all about Amy. Me and my good buddy Shadowunleashead13 have been wokring hard to get it up to snuff. But we can't do it all by our selfs. So if your interested drop bye and give us a hand at the moment Shadow is the second in command and the tech guy he's working on the background so if you want to help drop him a line. I'm the founder and the people person so if you needed help with that drop me a line. At the moment are main priorite is the games we have a templte already stating we brought something from over here but we still needed onr for Mobuis Encylopedia Knowedlge and Sonic the Comic wiki knowledge I'm going to post a link to main page below I've posted some rules of the wiki there and the order of prorite so drop by and give us a hand people. Thanks in advance to all who come and help and people who wish us luck.

Here's the link>