I've been planing to make this for a while.

Note this is taken staright from this ( page on Twinklw Park I have scurtanized it to make sure nothing is blown out of paportion and isn't false. Be warned it is written from the view of people who suport the couple greatly and are most likly not as lenatint as I am about it. I CLAIM NOTHING OF IT.

Sonic Adventure:Sonic Adventure is by far the best game! Amy's personality is shown clearly and you get to see just what a kind hearted girl she really is! ^.^Sonic gets VERY nervous around Amy in Sonic Adventure. You see, if Sonic "hated" Amy, wouldn't he have just full on dashed away when he saw Amy in Sonic Adventure (the part when Amy and the flickie meet up with Sonic)? But he didn't. Sonic listened to what Amy said and then he ran away!! When he runs away though, he was only playing around with her, because he says to her once she finds him "What took you so long?". He wanted her to find him. What's funny about this is that Sonic runs away only to stand in front of Twinkle Park. Obviously he wanted her to find him and then notice Twinkle Park so that they could go in there together! ^___________^

My thoughts: A bit to suportive of the couple but for the most part it makes some very good points about sonamy.

Sonic Adventure 2:A bit disappointing. Amy was pretty whiney. What annoyed me the most was that Sonic Team lacked to remember what Amy told herself in Sonic Adventure. I quote "I've gotta be more independent! I'll teach that Sonic to respect me..." something along those words anyway. But Amy didn't get given that much spotlight in SA2, so it's not like she could really be independent. However, in Sonic Adventure 2, we see how much Amy cares for Sonic. Amy is willing to put her life in danger for Sonic. She is willing to do whatever it takes to rescue him from prision. Amy managed to get onto Prison Island (top-notch, high security) all by herself. She didn't call up anyone for help. As soon as Amy heard that Sonic was in trouble- so she set out to save him. No questions asked. She didn't care if Sonic was in the wrong or the right. All Amy cared about was saving him. <3 Sonic does show signs for his feelings towards Amy in Sonic Adventure 2. In the part when Tails is on the mobile type thing to Sonic and is saying that something happened to Amy, but gets cut off before he can finish telling Sonic, he gets extremely worried and you can tell that he is getting paranoid with the fact that he doesn't know what's happened to her. Then in the capsule part, Sonic comes to save Amy...and Eggman calls Amy Sonic's girlfriend. Now if Sonic really didn't have feelings for Amy in that way, then he would've gotten pretty annoyed by what Eggman had said. But did he? No. You might say, but Sonic's not the type to say "she's not my girlfriend" or something like that. But just remember, Sonic gets pretty annoyed when Shadow simply calls Sonic a faker and says untrue statements about him. Eggman is saying that Sonic is Amy's boyfriend. If that wasn't true, Sonic would've said something.

When Sonic is trapped in the capsule, and is saying his last words, he says to Amy "Amy..." and pauses for a slight second. Sonic, perhaps, was about to say something else...because he thought maybe this would be the last time he would see Amy. However, having the high ego that Sonic does, he still had that hope in the back of his mind that he would somehow escape. There is also the possiblity that Sonic did not want to tell Amy how he felt, as he knew if he were to die and he were to tell her his true feelings, that would leave a huge burden on Amy. If he died, he didn't want Amy to be stuck in the past. As Sonic's motto goes "I'll never look back, I've got no regrets. 'Cause time doesn't wait for me, I choose to go my own way." Sonic hates looking back, and he would hate for Amy to keep looking back. Which is why Sonic says "Amy...Take care of yourself".

My Toughts:The thing about Sonic not saying that Amy's not his girlfreind is a bit iffy but the pause he does is a major sign of there being more the way the pause comes in is Sonic catching himself mid sentance not the with major signs pointing to him saying something else instead if he didn't.

Sonic Heroes: Hmmm...Amy is stalking Sonic (well, more then usual!) and is pretty much forcing him into marrying her... and why was she attacking him?! It's pure madness!!! But then, I personally don't think Amy is SERIOUS about it. Come on. Her maturity level is way higher then that. I think she does it to like annoy Sonic XD Coz she knows he can't commit himself to a relationship. If she was serious about getting married to him, I'm sure she would have a serious conversation concerning marrage with him. Our Amy might be asking Sonic to marry her because she is afraid of loosing him. Sonic's running around the world putting himself in danger. Poor Amy, she must get worried SICK about his safety. She probably wants them to get married because A.) She loves Sonic with all her heart and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. B.) She is scared that she might loose him. Amy feels that if they don't get married soon, they might not have a chance to do that in the future. But those are just theories. Only Sonic Team know how Amy REALLY feels. Sonic doesn't seem to take it too seriously when Amy asks him to marry her, so he probably just thinks she is messing around. You can so tell that Sonic likes Amy in Sonic Heroes. He flirts with her. Haven't you noticed how when Amy chases after Sonic he doesn't just zoom off? Come on, if the guy didn't like Amy, he wouldn't give a damn and just run off. But he doesn't. He runs slowly, so that Amy can keep up. He teases her. And if I'm correct, when guys like a girl, they play around sometimes by teasing. That's exactly what Sonic is doing. He teases Amy in Sonic X (jap version) also by being a smart a$$! ^^ :P

My Thoughts:Well I'll behonest here the person makes some good point to made there being goffy like the game is. The thing about flirting is a good sign cause I've watched a few I do mean a few animes where something like that happens in regard to flirting.

Sonic Battle: This game is funny! Amy proves to Sonic that she can be a good mum by taking care of Emerl and at the end of Amy's story she says to Sonic that he doesn't have an excuse anymore not to marry her! Sonic stresses out and tells her to close her eyes, and Amy thinks that he is about to propose to her!!! But when she opens up her eyes, Sonic has run off! Amy thinks that Sonic was just too shy! But really, he's a sook( if this word has a bad conatation tell me a better word and I'll fix it)and he can't commit himself... and maybe because of the fact that he's 15.... Um...this isn't really it? ^_^;;

My Thoughts: The thing about a 15 year boy being shy with love is true I'm a 18 year male and I'm still shy.

Okay before we move on to fan theroys on the site that stand up pretty well I would like to point out somethings first I've looked into it Sonic Team apperatnly worked on Sonic X so any evidence from there should be taken with a bit of seriousness then other Sonic Shows.

Fan Theorys ( NOT MINE)

Chelsea:Did you ever notice that when Amy started to tone down the stalking that Sonic began to show her his emotions?I personally think that he was shy and did feel a little intimidated by Amy's proclamations of her love. He also may of felt that Amy may have been still too young to handle a steady relationship. But when she began to mature, (stop chasing him) I think he thought that she was ready, and decided to show her his love for her.

My Thoughts: Chelsea makes a good point in that can clearly be seen in the games.

Steph:In one of the Disney Adventure Magazine issues, there was a title of a topic called "Your top 10 Gaming Mysteries". And kids send in their Gaming Question and Disney Adventure will take there most asked questions and will try to answer them for everyone. Well, One question a lot of people asked was "Why doesn't Sonic confess his love to Amy Rose?"(Ha, even kids can see that he loves her) but anyways, to answer this question, Disney Adventure went straight to SONIC TEAM HEADQUARTERS THEMSELVES and they responded with AND I QUOTE: "Although Sonic is clearly interested in her, Sonic has always been too shy to declare his feelings." Here's a link to a zoomed up shot of the actual words in the magazine (

My Thoughts:Well seing as how Diseny went straight to Sonic Team we can't really say that's a fan theroy know can we.

Final Thoughts: there's more then what I drug up here I wasn't trying to convert you but point out holes with people calling sonamy a fan paring clearly Sonic Team dose recognize it. Also one final thing some of the lines in the game show that Sonic's freinds know he lkes Amy but isn't saying it for some reason.Also I recently heard that SEGA is considering to make sonamy offical.