Okay basic point this is how I view the Sonic Timeline also sense Chroicales is stated to be at the very end I will not mention it to save me some time.

1st:Sonic 1 both version

2nd:Sonic CD/Tails Sky Patrol and Tails Adventure

3rd:Sonic 2 8-bit

4th:Sonic 2 16-bit

5th:Sonic 3 and Knuckles

6th:The 8-bit titles not mentioned above

7th:Sonic R

8th:Sonic the Fighters

9th:Sonic Generations for Classic Sonic and Tails

10th:Sonic 4 saga

Insert roughly 4-5 year time skip here

11th:Sonic Adventure

12th:Sonic Advance

13th:Sonic Advance 2

14th:Sonic Adventure 2

15th:Sonic Heroes

16th:Sonic Battle

17th:Sonic Advance 3

18th:Shadow the Hedgehog

19th:Sonic Riders

20th:Sonic 06 (the parts that didn't get erased)

21st:Sonic Rush

22nd:Sonic Rivals

23rd:Sonic Rush Adventure

24th:Sonic Rivals 2

25th:Sonic Riders Zero Gravity

26th:Sonic and the Secret Rings

27th:Sonic Unleashead

28th Sonic Free Riders

29th:Sonic and the Black Knight

30th:Sonic Colors DS ( the Wii versions lack of a Super Boss bad level design and the fact that Generations on the Consoles choice to be like this one support this being here)

31st:Sonic Generations Consoles ( look above the 3DS version while not bad dose take after the Wii version of Colors which is why it's not on the list)

Okay about the lakc of Knuckles Chaotix acording to the guys at Sonic Team it's non canon so it's not here if you wish to think other wise then it would go in number 6 alonside the 8-bit games and 3D Blast goes there to I'm to lazy to go back and type it but 3D Blast is stilled viewed as canon so what's your guys and gals view of the timeline of the Sonic Series.Any ways enjoy.