Okay basic point is why do they always rerelase the classic Gamer Gear games which are on every console but not the Advance games which can't be played on anything past the DS Lite we want a Sonic Advance Collection for all handhelds DS 3DS PSP and the upcoming PSP Vita.

What it Should included Menus stylized after the cast of Sonic Advance 2 (Sonic Amy Cream Vanilla Eggman Tails Knuckles) like how Gems Collection did.

Museum with art related to the GBA games such as high detailed art of Cream's prototype designs and official art.

Full versions of all the manuals for all the GBA games.

All the GBA Games From Sonic Advance to Pinball Party to Battle to Advance 3

Menu to make saved games wherever you want like Mega Collection and Gems Collection.

Also don't put it out as a virtual title make it on actual game disks or cards

If I missed anything please tell me or what you would like to see.