Well let's be honest the Sonic felling is really just that feeling you get when you turn on one of your favorite games in the series and well just makes you happy wether your runniong through Green Hill Zone in Sonic 1 to Neo Green Hill Zone in Sonic Advance 1 or Even Splash Hill Zone in Sonic 4 Episode 1 that felling a kid felt in 1993 when they went to the past for the first time in Sonic CD or in 1999 when you did the Light Speed Dash for the first time in Sonic Adventure 1 or did Chaos Blast for the first time in Shadow the Hedgehog won your first Race in Sonic Rivals 1 got the first Sol Emerald in Sonic Rush 1. It's that feeling that kids felt back in the 90's in the Early 2000's and we still feel it to this very day every time we turn on are favorite Sonic game the feeling of a great fun adventure we'll keep coming back to time and time agian right my friends foes and friendemies.