Okay this is not a a list of bad things but things that made me tilt my head and go what.

1:Amy disappears right after the race in the tower in both stories in Zero Gravity.Okay thing is right after the race she flat out disappears with no explanation she's there before the race starts and is in the race after wards shes gone shes not even standing in the background like Tails or Storm who and further more shes not there in the scene were the black hole appears and is not in that race either and then she shows up in the ending where did she go.

2:After the first game characters need gear parts to take their special shortcuts what did they down grade the gear or something this makes no sense.

3: What happened to the Arks of the Cosmos after the final battle did they get destroyed or something or are they still on Babylon Garden

4:Who made the Gravity Rings that every one but Sonic Amy Jet Storm and Eggman used theirs not even a little thing anywhere that says where they came from yes I know it's just a gameplay element but still also why couldn't they just use them in the fight Master Core Abis in the game to.

5:Why didn't Tails check the bottom of Sonic's board after he let wave look at it to make sure nothing was tampered with.

6:Why did Jet win the race everyone clearly saw Sonic's board explode I know it's no holds bared but still Jet should not have won the race with out a rematch.

Okay now some other thingas I would like to say.

First Team Rose won the tournament in Sonic Free Riders I'm not saying this cause I'm a Amy Rose fan but cause in the last story Vector says wheres his prize money meaning that Team Rose would have to won the tournament for him to say that.

Second Wave cheated in her race aginst Amy this is supported by the fact that in the mission mode of the game in several of the things she says after the missions she wonders why her machine failed to do anything to your boards meaning she must have used something like that on Amy's board and plus she also tries to cheat agin by putting a hidden power booster on Jet's board that back fires you may be asking why it didn't works on Tails and Knuckes boards well odds are that Tails upgraded thier boards with something that threw off the effects of waves machine.

Okay that's about it but one more thing I HATE THE USELESS NIMBUS CLOUD AND MAG GEARS!!!!Any thing else I failed to cover or something you wish to say about the Riders series please post a comment below.