Okay these are just some things I want to see in the next Episode of Sonic DLC I'm going to be clear as day so let's get started.

  • 1st:Amy Rose as a playable character
  • 2nd: A Super form for Amy that for all I care could be just her glowing silver with invincibility
  • 3rd:Knuckles as a playable character
  • 4th:The return of Super Knuckles
  • 5th Tails playable by himself
  • 6th: The return of Super Tails
  • 7th:Metal Sonic playable
  • 8th: Him having a knock off Super form by the black orb.
  • 9th: At least 6 main stages.
  • 10th: Make it for all systems including the 3DS and PSP Vita.
  • 11th: A Real Super Boss and no crazy hard Special Stages.
  • 12h: Vanilla and Cream make a cameo appearance
  • 13th:Make a compilation with all of the GBA Sonic games and release it for the 3DS and PSP Vita.