Obviously this blog is about Sonic 2006 and the 4Kids voice actors.

First I will talk about Sonic's 15th anniversary game, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). I haven't played this game yet, but I want to so I can try it out. I did say earlier that glitches might annoy me, which would be kind of like dying alot in New Super Mario Bros. Wii when I play, but I like that game too. I believe there are some good glitches like in Silver's Dusty Desert where you can skip the billiard maze, but I would like to see it in action. I know levels like End of the World and Sonic and Shadow's Radical Train will be hard to complete because of the black hole eyes and the rushing to the train. The realistic humans and minute long loading are probably a minor annoyance, and missions would probably be easy if I know how to do them. The interactions between Elise and Sonic don't bother me, since they seem more like friends, and the kiss was only for bringing him back to life and only lasted 3 seconds only to be surrounded by a bright light. I know the music is great and some levels like Crisis City and Wave Ocean are good alongside bosses like Solaris and the Eggman fights.Mephiles is some what of a terrifying character, and is the only one to have killed Sonic. So yeah, that's pretty much all I have to say about Sonic 2006, I'll make a review of it after I play it one day.

The other thing I will talk about is the 4Kids voice actors like Jason Griffith, Pete Capella, Lisa Ortiz, etc. To be honest I like these voice actors the best. I've heard some of the Free Riders VAs and some of them are better than the Dreamcast VAs, but the 4Kids VAs did it better for me. I liked the voice acting for Sonic for Unleashed and the Black Knight, it has improved many of the VAs since Sonic X in 2003. I wish I could hear the 4Kids VAs voice Sonic and friends in something new that's Sonic related since Jaleel White is in the Sonic Fan Film and RGS is in Wreck-It-Ralph. I also would like to meet them in real life but that will be a while if I did. If they could return to the Sonic video game franchise that would make me really happy.

Your milage may vary, but these are my thoughts.