I've been visiting this wiki since Sonic Generations was announced and I think that it needs some changes, however it's only two.

The first one is that there is a page named Sonic Cameos. I think that page should be renamed to List of references to Sonic the Hedgehog in popular culture, kind of like Bulbapedia. It could also be Sonic References instead like Super Mario Wiki and be divided into sections like Television, Movies, Animation, etc. Seeing that Sonic is becoming more popular, probably because of Sonic Colors, the page will get bigger and it would be nice to divide it into different pages.

Another change is on the main page for people in the Sonic it used to show Yuji Naka who created the franchise, but now it shows Roger Craig Smith. I think it should be changed back to Yuji Naka because he's been involved with the franchise since 1990 or 1991, and RGS has been around since 2010 with Sonic Free Riders. I don't hate RGS, but I just think Yuji Naka should be the person in the people section on the front page.

That's all the changes that I want and they're nothing too big.