Since the Wii U is coming out soon Sega said there would be an epic Sonic game that would be on it. Seeing what this game will be like is interesting, but since the only new Sonic game being released now is Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed, I would like to know what Sonic games you'd like to see.

Mine would be:

Sonic Rivals 3

Sonic Rush 3

Sonic 2006 remake (probably)

Shadow the Hedgehog remake (probably)

Sonic Unleashed 2 (I don't know how it would work)

Silver the Hedgehog

Sonic and the something related story book 3

Mario and Sonic platformer (plays like Mario game with both franchises)

Mario and Sonic platformer 2 (plays like Sonic game with both franchises)

Sonic Generations 2 (has classic Amy, classic Knuckles, and more classic Metal Sonic for classic characters)

3DS only Sonic platformer

Wii U/3DS Sonic game (most likely the next one)

That's all that I could come up with, what Sonic games would do you like to see?