Thunder the Hedgehog was Created many many years ago by Dr. Gereld Robotnik and never woken up but now he woke up. While Sonic and Shadow were fighting at Eggmanland and Thunder quickly ran fast and attacked them very quick. Eggman was walking to release Metal Sonic but then Thunder broke into Eggman's Lair.

Sonic Seires: The Woken Up Spirit

Chapter 1 Perfect Distructsion

"Woah" said Eggman "Dark Sonic?" said Eggman "no" said Thunder "Shadow?" said Eggman "No it is your hedgehog, Thunder". "But.. but this is impossible you never woke up for 52 years" said Eggman "I know" said Thunder "and I know how to stop The Blue Hedgehog" said Thunder "Here's the thing... shadow beats up sonic he brings Sonic to the lair and you put him in the cage" said Thunder "Hmm not half bad for a starter" said Eggman "yeah I can beat up sonic YES!" relpyed shadow.

Chapter 2 It Begins

When Sonic was running in Green Hill Zone, just then Shadow quickly appeared out of nowhere Shadow said "Hey Sonic". Shadow beat him up and took sonic to the Eggman Lair Nice job Shadow and Thunder" said Eggman "Hmmmhmhmmhmmm No Prob Doc" said Shadow & Thunder. "Owwww hey watch it... huh... "Behold the Ultimate Life Forms" said Eggman,Shadow and One and only Thunder