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    Ever since the first Sonic the Hedgehog game has been unveiled, the blue blur was all the rage.

    There were T-shirts, action figures, plush dolls, and even a comic book series from Archie, etc.

    How come this kind of thing doesn't happen anymore? Apart from the new games coming up, I haven't seen any new kind of stuff lately.

    And even worse, McDonald's doesn't even bother to make toys to coincide with the blue blur's 25th Anniversary.

    I, for one, think there should be something new sometime having to do with Sonic like a Jell-O Jigglers mold shaped like him or a Hallmark ornament for Christmas.

    How do you feel knowing Sonic the Hedgehog is facing a merchandise drought?

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    Looks like the biggest crossover yet has come to an end.

    Now's the perfect time to name the pros and cons about it.

    Rule: Stay on topic.

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    Well, everyone, today is the day.

    The boys in blue meet again in this 12-part crossover event presented by Archie Comics, Sega, and Capcom called Worlds Unite!

    This is the place where you talk about each part of the biggest story arc of the year. Once each issue (starting with Sonic Universe Issue 76) of this 12-part arc has been unveiled, you express your feelings and thoughts about about what you've seen.

    As always, this is the main rule: No off-topic comments! All posts must be relevant to this blog.

    Feel free to write anytime.

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    Had they decided to do so, there would've been a great TV series based on the Sonic comic book series from Archie.

    It also would've been awesome to hear from voice actors you know and love. What voice actors would you like to hear voice the characters you see in the comic books?

    Here's how I do it:

    Kath Soucie - Bernadette Hedgehog (using her Dexter's mom voice)

    Gary Cole - Jules Hedgehog

    Jodi Benson - Lara-Le

    Corey Burton - Locke, Enerjak

    Frank Welker - Mammoth Mogul, Moritori Rex

    Grey DeLisle - Julie-Su

    Alyson Stoner - Lara-Su

    Jennifer Hale - Lien-Da

    Will Friedle - Elias Acorn, Ash Mongoose

    Feel free to write your ideas anytime.

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    Twenty (20) years ago, only one Sonic game has taken the world by storm with "Lock-On Technology".

    • Drum roll *

    It's true. Originally, Sonic 3 was supposed to be one game but due to time constraints, they were split into two, thus making Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles two separate games.

    Once you plug in Sonic 2 to the cartridge, you'll see the title screen that says "Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This game allows you to play Knuckles and climb up spots neither Sonic or Tails could reach. Also, title act cards are red and green and when you lose a life, the amount of rings you collected are still intact.

    This is how Sonic 3 would've been like had development gone without a hitch. I for one, love playing S3&K the most. The music he…

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