Had they decided to do so, there would've been a great TV series based on the Sonic comic book series from Archie.

It also would've been awesome to hear from voice actors you know and love. What voice actors would you like to hear voice the characters you see in the comic books?

Here's how I do it:

Kath Soucie - Bernadette Hedgehog (using her Dexter's mom voice)

Gary Cole - Jules Hedgehog

Jodi Benson - Lara-Le

Corey Burton - Locke, Enerjak

Frank Welker - Mammoth Mogul, Moritori Rex

Grey DeLisle - Julie-Su

Alyson Stoner - Lara-Su

Jennifer Hale - Lien-Da

Will Friedle - Elias Acorn, Ash Mongoose

Feel free to write your ideas anytime.