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    NewsChannel Exclusive: We've contacted SonicWindBlue, a passionate Sonic gamer about the new Sonic Runners 1.0.2t update.

    NewsChannel: Is they anything interesting to check out on this update of Sonic Runners?

    SonicWindBlue: With the Update to 1.0.2t, SEGA Network improved several things people complaint about. When Sonic Runners updated to 1.0.1t, the achievement system wasn't working anymore. This issue was fixed with the latest version of the game.

    The main problem was, that some Companions, mainly the ones you could get on a Campaign, were broken. For instance, if you used Merlina and activated the Sub-Character Boost Item, you were able to get a Color Power each time you switched your Character. Same things happened with the RC UFO, Shahr…

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    Hedgeworks reported a (155-126, 191-160, 360-299) win for Sonic Generations over Sonic Heroes. }}

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    If you guys didn't know, last Sunday marks my 3rd year I joined SNN using this account. (I officially joined Wikia in February 2012, surprise surprise.)

    That's right, we just passed my wikiversary.

    Anyway, originally being a user with a troubled past, creating sockpuppets and composing the RandomRock and Lil' Dude saga (2012 stuff, yo) and comparing to now I'm a visual designer, news viewer and a trusted administrator, these are stuff I've never thought of when I joined this wiki - but it did happen.

    I did stuff like the SNN Night Live live program, SNN Podcast, I started the concepts on what would be SNN's current logo. I started our Twitter account, YouTube account, Facebook account.

    And hell yeah for the older users, I started on what would be …

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    EDIT 31 Aug, 3:54 UTC: Due to several people not clearing reading this blog and taking a guess at the title apparently, I've rename the title. Now stop talking about the Wii U. I was kidding about it being a bad console. Seriously, stay in topic.

    It's time to present something that is very common to all of you.

    PlayStation bias. Yep you heard that right. PlayStation bias. You might say, "Hey, it's another Xbox fanboy". No, I'm not an Xbox Fanboy because one: I never owned an Xbox, two: I own a PlayStation 2 and a PlayStation Vita. The following doesn't only apply to PlayStation and Xbox, it also applys to your precious, innocent Wii U console and many others such as the Ouya.

    To start things off, everyone must agree we were all brain-washed by the gaming pres…

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    If the broadcast goes offline during the times 8:01 pm/ET - 9:52 pm/ET (in shorter words, at the middle of the show), there was a glitch that caused the show to go down. There is no need to log off and assume the show is done. It will resume automatically so don't close the tab. If it doesn't by the next 5 minutes, please go to for more information. Plus, Livestream has added a 30-second (approx.) delay into their servers so please do not complain if there is lag. Also, some frames may drop and sound quality may not be at its best. Thank you for tuning in to Sonic News Channel.

    8:00 – SNN Night Live

    8:30 – Sonic Underground

    9:00 – Sonic X

    9:21 – The Nightcast

    9:30 – Sonic X

    9:51 – Celebrate 2014 Moments

    10:00 – End broadcast

    PM, All Times …

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