Sonic Dark Chronicles 109:36

Sonic Dark Chronicles 1

Just recently, I looked into a mirror and I realized, I'm Sonic the Hedgehog (self-discovery sublot complete). Sonic: What can I have for ten rings? "Shopkeeper": *punches Sonic in the face* Sonic: Thanks... Shopkeeper: Hey! Sonic: Oh... yeah... *gives 10 rings* *passes out* Ix: I wonder what's for dinner.

Sonic vs Shadow Falcon Punch00:38

Sonic vs Shadow Falcon Punch

Sonic: Sonikku! Punch! Silver: Captain Sonikku!!

File:Every 8-Bit Sonic Mix Ever
Summer of Sonic 2010 - Introductory Trailer02:55

Summer of Sonic 2010 - Introductory Trailer


Sonic Saiyuki ~ End of a Journey (SP dub)04:59

Sonic Saiyuki ~ End of a Journey (SP dub)

Sonic Paradox redubs a small Sonic Short (originally in Japanese or something) that's kinda like Bo-bo-bo.

Sonic Nazo Unleashed Stage 3 Special Edition (part 2)09:09

Sonic Nazo Unleashed Stage 3 Special Edition (part 2)

The fight for the planet is over.

Sonic Nazo Unleashed Stage 3 Special Edition (part 1)07:48

Sonic Nazo Unleashed Stage 3 Special Edition (part 1)

Dark Shadow: CHAOS... BLAST!!!!!!!! Crush 40: Can you see all of me? Walk into my mystery!

Sonic Nazo Unleashed Stage 209:06

Sonic Nazo Unleashed Stage 2

Your going straight to hell!

Sonic Nazo Unleashed Stage 110:11

Sonic Nazo Unleashed Stage 1

An animted Sonic flash series using lines from various Sonic games.

File:An Itch Sonic Can't Scratch
File:Back to Soul Sonic The Hedgehog Intro
File:Animating Heads with Tails
Knuckleduster - Animatic04:02

Knuckleduster - Animatic

Knuckleduster rough sketch. One section was used for the Ska Cha Cha video.

Mario Levels Up00:15

Mario Levels Up

Level Up!

File:5 Second Sonic Sample
Knuckleduster - Ska Cha Cha02:52

Knuckleduster - Ska Cha Cha

Cha Cha Cha!

Love, Love Shadow Fixed00:24

Love, Love Shadow Fixed

Shadow just wants more fan girls.

Welcome to Angel Island00:45

Welcome to Angel Island

If only this was how Knuckles greeted Sonic and Tails.

Burnin Down Twin Seeds00:19

Burnin Down Twin Seeds

Two videos at one time?!

Reala - Radio01:14

Reala - Radio

A song performed by a NiGHTS character.

Sonic Rokugo Overlay00:15

Sonic Rokugo Overlay

I like it! The watermelon claps! Let's sing it again!



And now, EvilDoc's favorite Sonic couples! I only connect with one couple.

Red hedgehog 4 christmas special04:50

Red hedgehog 4 christmas special

Beware! The night of the Warhog! Animation by EvilDoc, TheWax (leader of Sonic Paradox), and Legend20X.

Red hedgehog 303:23

Red hedgehog 3

Good old GUN idiots! What would we do without them?

Red hedgehog 202:39

Red hedgehog 2

Come on everyone! Let's show them the power of friendship! ...I gonna get a beer. *walks off*

Red Hedgehog ep02:56

Red Hedgehog ep.1

This video, along with about 3 others, appeared at the Summer of Sonic '09.

Sonic Shorts Volume 510:34

Sonic Shorts Volume 5

The last part of the Sonic Shorts so far. They're currently working on Volume 6.

Ivo and Metal - Rokugo Rap (No background)00:29

Ivo and Metal - Rokugo Rap (No background)

Before anyone asks, they're speaking Korean and I don't know what they're saying.

Deceptive Interception00:32

Deceptive Interception

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! This is perhaps the funniest out of all of them.

Run Goomba Run00:10

Run Goomba Run

Let the record show that it's Mario, not Luigi. And the Goomba's line was taken from "Invader Zim".

Sonic Shorts Volume 107:17

Sonic Shorts Volume 1

Sonic: I swear Amy, just because my voice actor was in that commercial that didn't mean I knew about it!!!

Silver's Nightmare00:14

Silver's Nightmare

HA!!! You saw it! You saw it and now you can't unsee it!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonic Shorts Emerald Crusher00:17

Sonic Shorts Emerald Crusher

You might want to turn your speakers up to hear what's at the end.

Sonic Shorts Volume 208:14

Sonic Shorts Volume 2

To get through tight spaces, press the Circle button to slide!!