Alright everyone! Time for you guys to help with Sonic Heroes 2! I'm gonna bring up a meme, and you guys decided if it should be Sonic-ized and put in SH2. if the meme gets enough votes, the decision of matching the Sonic character(s) to the character(s) in the meme will also take place.

First: The Balls are Inert.

History: This line came from Piccolo from the Dragon Ball series when he told Gohan, Goten, and Trunks that Dende (the new Guardian in Kami's place) is dead and the Dragon Balls have lost their power and "are inert".

Final decision: On Hiatus

Second: Caramelldansen Dance a.k.a Uma uma dance

History: Swedish song played during an anime gif or similar action with usually two or more character putting their hands on the sides of their heads (somewhat similar to ears) and moving their hips from side to side. The anime gif was originally from an Eroge (not for kids) game turned short anime show called Popotan.

Final decision: On Hiatus


History: Engrish for "Get Down", the meme started on the N64 game Golden Eye 007, in which characters and vehicles would "spaz out" because the cartridge isn't properly inserted. Real life people would follow suit, either personally performing "GEDDAN" or draw a character to do it. It consists of the user striking a bunch of completely random poses (editing makes the poses seem faster), followed by occasional hip swings (similar to the Uma Uma hip dance), and finally, the pelvic thrust, all performed in syncs with the 1997 J-Pop song "Promise".

Final decision: Accepted

Fourth: All Your Base Are Belong To Us

History: How are you gentlemen! This meme All Your Base Are Belong To Us, shorten to All Your Base come to us from SEGA arcade game turn console game call Zero Wing!. To due popularity of arcade game, SEGA Europe decide to make Zero Wing for Mega Drive, but from release rush, the game has bad Japanese to English translation with all character speak in broken English. Line All Your Base come from main villain name CATS who have control to our base and destroy commander ship. Just before commander ship up blow he order to take off every ZIG to beat CATS for great justice. All Your Base later have song by Laziest Men Mars with Photoshop images to repeated "All Your Base Your Base Base Base Are Belong To Us" and later song call Zero Wing Rhapsody which Zero Wing intro as Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Meme was also use in real life but no many people understand meme so it was view as borderline terrorism. Current, meme is slowly not be used. Please save help this dying meme by use as many as possible.

Final decision: Accepted

Fifth: We've managed to avoid drowning!"

History: *Codec alert* We've managed to avoid drowning! This meme started in the PS2 game Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of the La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo which introduced Jack, better known as "Raiden" to the world and took Snake's place as main character. After getting Otacon's step-sister, Emma Emmerich (Otacon calls her E.E.), Raiden contacts "The Colonel" and tells him that they've "managed to avoid drowning!" Colonel then gives Raisen orders to go to the Oil Fence at Strut L to stop Arsenal Gear. Currently, this meme is usually associated with tampons, most likely due to Raiden's "bishonen" (pretty boy) look. You know what to do. Colonel SSM over and out. *turns off Codec*