I personally, think it's been a while since we've seen a new or diffrent version of Metal Sonic(I've got nothing against Metal Sonic). I mean I've heard about Metal Sonic 3.0, but it just looks like a diffrent color scheme (which is ok sometimes). But it seems that all we've had is just normal Metal Sonic. I think we should get a new Metal or at leat bring back an old robo-sonic. Like Titan Metal Sonic, for example. His look from knuckles Chaotix is okay but If Sega used the new version of Titan Metal Sonic from STH# 230 and #231 from the Archie comics (which btw looks AWESOME!), I think it could work out. They should do the same thing from Silver Sonic 3.0 from Sth# 225 and #230. These metal menaces would look awesome in CGI! Ithink they should also bring back Neo Metal Sonic, but have like, AN ARMY OF THEM! What do you think?