Number 10

Alright, now we're in the top 10. The cream of the crop, the elite of the elite, the magnum opuses of Sonic's musical career. These songs help to define Sonic as a series, and are, in my opinion, reflective of some of the defining moments of his franchise. So, what song gets the honor of the Number 10 spot? The answer may surprise you.

Live Life by Crush 40 (Ending Theme of Sonic and the Black Knight)05:20

Live Life by Crush 40 (Ending Theme of Sonic and the Black Knight)

#10 Live Life (Sonic and the Black Knight)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the Sonic Storybook games have the best characterization for Sonic in the entire franchise, which leads to some of his best theme songs. Take this song, for example. Sonic wholeheartedly knows that everything must have a natural end, and he will work tirelessly to make sure everything stays that way. This is relatively new for the franchise, but this song combines itself with his traditional "I'm my own boss" mentality. Not to mention some beautiful guitar work and vocals being used in this song, and you have one of only two Sonic songs capable of making me cry.

Number 9

Fun fact: this song was originally going to be the theme song for Sonic Heroes, but Sega decided that it was a bit too dark for the game they wanted, so we got the actual Sonic Heroes song instead. While that song is still pretty good, I can only imagine what would have happened if they had kept this as the main theme.

What I'm Made Of by Crush 40 - Last Boss Ver03:45

What I'm Made Of by Crush 40 - Last Boss Ver. 2 Metal Overlord (from Sonic Heroes)

#9 What I'm Made Of (Sonic Heroes)

Many people may say that Solaris Phase 2 or Perfect Dark Gaia are the best final boss themes in a Sonic game, but I personally have to vouch for this song (plus Wrapped in Black and a few more songs yet to appear). Unlike most final boss themes in Sonic, this gives at least Team Sonic a good reason to be royally ticked with Metal Sonic, and the result is beautiful. Lyrics that perfectly capture the anger of all the combatants, awesome guitar work, cool background instruments, and that sense of urgency that I do love in video game music. Is there anything this song cannot do?

Well, it probably can't make you lunch.

Number 8

And people say that Crush 40 should be the only band making Sonic songs.

With Me by All Ends (Dark Queen - Final Boss Theme from Sonic and the Black Knight)03:59

With Me by All Ends (Dark Queen - Final Boss Theme from Sonic and the Black Knight)

#8 With Me (Sonic and the Black Knight)

If you are having trouble with the final boss of Sonic and the Black Knight, you are both lucky and unlucky. You are unlucky because, in all honesty, the boss is pretty easy, but you are also lucky because you get to hear this song in all its glory. Many people have said that this song has a "dual perspective" in that both Sonic and Merlina could be seen singing it, which does truly help with how much I enjoy it. Ultimately, though, the vocals are what sell this song. The singer manages to hit just the right notes to make you get lost in the music, which is something most songs, especially battle songs, want to accomplish. Shame that the actual battle isn't nearly this cool.

Number 7

I know that some people are going to get at least a little bit upset since this isn't the "original" version of the song, but honestly, there's no such thing as a bad version of this song.

Escape From The City - Cash Cash Remix City Escape Act 1 (Classic) (Sonic Adventure 2)02:35

Escape From The City - Cash Cash Remix City Escape Act 1 (Classic) (Sonic Adventure 2)

#7 Escape From the City (Classic) (Sonic Generations)

Some of you are probably thinking, "But Sonicfan114, don't you know that the original version is obviously the best? 'Standing around at the speed of diagonal,' and all that?" Well, I do get why some people prefer the modern remix or the original SA2 version. Quite simply, this version is my cup of tea the most. The techno feel of the song doesn't detract from the song's catchiness in any way, and neither does the autotune. While a Sega Genesis version of this song wouldn't have nearly this good quality due to technological limitations, this version is still an awesome example of what a Classic Remix should be.

See, Sonic Generations? You can make a good vocal song.

Number 6

Quick question: who doesn't like a good villain song? Nobody, because they're awesome. Unfortunately, most video games don't give their villains songs apart from their traditional leitmotifs, so it's refreshing when a video game villain actually gets his or her own theme.

E.G.G.M.A.N. by Paul Shortino (Theme of Dr03:27

E.G.G.M.A.N. by Paul Shortino (Theme of Dr. Eggman)-1

#6 E.G.G.M.A.N. (Sonic Adventure 2)

Right from the start, you know that this is going to be a pretty awesome song. The style of this song is unique among the Sonic music collection, so you can think of this as a good time for a change of pace. Some lesser Sonic fans might have a hard time with their ability to take this, but I personally really like everything about this song, from the epic solos to the wonderfully hammy lyrics. I'd love to see more songs like this because you know what they say, the more the merrier! And if you're one of those unreasonable Sonic fans I mentioned earlier, I'll just tell you to get a load of this!

Alright, I'll stop now.

Number 5

Back when this countdown first began, I mentioned that I would only have one version of each song on this list and that there wouldn't be any fan versions mentioned. That second rule saved my butt when considering all the options.

His World (Zebrahead Version) by Zebrahead (from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006))03:34

His World (Zebrahead Version) by Zebrahead (from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006))

#5 His World (Zebrahead) (Sonic 06)

Seriously, there are more versions of this song on YouTube than there are people in Canada! Sigh. Anyway, why do I pick this version over all of the others, especially when you consider that just a few years ago, I hated this version? Well, to put it simply, this version has the most energy. Zebrahead really put as much as they could into this song, and it shows. The instruments all work together to get you hyped up, the lyrics are shuffled around so that it doesn't feel like another old rehash, the singers put some really strong emotion into their voices, and he final product sounds like a legitimate song that would play on the radio. As I say, one cover to rule them all.

Number 4

I have to applaud Sonic songs for something they don't get enough credit for: they can manage to sneak in some pretty inspiring message into their awesome songs. Take this underrated classic, for instance.

Believe In Myself (Sonic Adventure) by Karen Brake (Theme of Tails)03:54

Believe In Myself (Sonic Adventure) by Karen Brake (Theme of Tails)

#4 Believe in Myself (Sonic Adventure)

Part of this may be some bias towards Tails, my second favorite Sonic character, but frankly, I don't care. I love this song, and I will for a very long time. The singer has a flat out beautiful voice, the instruments are center stage when they need to be and when they're not, they stay in the background. Most of all, however, I think that this is the most inspirational Sonic song out there. Sure, other songs like Open Your Heart and Live and Learn may have some inspirational messages, but those are less of a point than making a dang good song. Here, the message takes top priority, and I love this song for it.

Number 3

Finally! An entry of an extremely popular song that won't be contested! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

Live and Learn by Crush 40 (Main Theme of SA2)04:35

Live and Learn by Crush 40 (Main Theme of SA2)

#3 Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2)

This may seem like a predictable choice for some people, but that's only because this song is just so dang good. Crush 40 is at its best here, and they show why Sega has been hiring them for so many of their games. The heavy rock style of the song, while not unique, had been mastered at this point in time, with both the instruments and the vocals sharing focus, neither one outshining the other. At the same time, it's just so catchy, which is something that not a lot of rock songs have, especially these days. And we still have two more songs to cover!

Number 2

You know how I mentioned in the Number 10 spot that Live Life was one of only two Sonic songs to make me cry? Well, here's the other one.

Dear My Friend by Brent Cash (Theme of Sonic Unleashed)06:07

Dear My Friend by Brent Cash (Theme of Sonic Unleashed)

#2 Dear My Friend (Sonic Unleashed)

Like some of the other songs on this list (Worth a Chance comes to mind), this song delves into the unexplored realm of calm, tragic Sonic music. Unlike most of the other songs like this, however, it actually works here. The song explores the theme of friendship that Sonic Unleashed uses extremely well, while tying in to the ending of the game beautifully. Ultimately, that's how I can best explain this song: beautiful. Both the instruments and the vocals are soft enough to create a tragic melody, and the entire song tugs at the heartstrings like no other Sonic song. An underrated gem of a song from an underrated gem of a game.

Number 1

I know that a lot of you might have already guessed what this song's gonna be through process of elimination. So, I won't spend too much time trying to come up with a flashy intro. Let's get straight to the point.

It Doesn't Matter (Sonic Adventure) by Tony Harnell (Theme of Sonic)04:29

It Doesn't Matter (Sonic Adventure) by Tony Harnell (Theme of Sonic)

#1 It Doesn't Matter (Sonic Adventure)

It's an unconventional pick, I know, but that's not the only reason I'm geeking out as I type this. Sure, this song fits all the requirements for being the number one spot: it's somewhat unique in tone and content, the vocals are spot on, the instruments get your brain hooked onto this song, and it's a blast to listen to. However, the ultimate reason for this song taking the top spot is this: it perfectly shows not just what Sonic is all about, but also what the entire franchise is too. The franchise has always been about breaking boundaries, it's always been about doing what's right regardless of what others tell you, and I can't think of any song that symbolizes any franchise better than this one. It's inspirational, it's catchy, it's easy to remember, and it's what I always think of when I think of Sonic. This is Sonicfan114 signing off, and happy birthday Sonic!