Number 40

I have a slight confession to make. It regards my opinion of something, so obviously, it's not going to go over well, but here goes: Sonic and the Secret Rings is my favorite Sonic game. I'm serious. I've never had any serious problems with the controls, the story one of the best in the series, and the music is practically holy. I figured that I needed to say that at some point during this countdown, so I'm saying it now.

Blue On The Run (Captain Bemoth Battle Theme)03:59

Blue On The Run (Captain Bemoth Battle Theme)

#40 Blue on the Run (Sonic and the Secret Rings)

Even though I still have bad memories of fighting this guy as a kid, I have to admit, while his boss theme fits this game's trend of the boss themes being worse than the level themes, that doesn't make it automatically bad. In fact, I've always thought that even in songs with minimal lyrics like this one, there is always something that is symbolized at some point. Here, I can easily see the "blue" being either Sonic or Captain Bemoth, which is awesome. The song is intense to boot, resulting in some pretty sweet battle music.

Number 39

I will be the first to admit that I have never actually played Sonic Rush Adventure before, but I will say this: if the music in that game is half as good as this song, I'm going to like the music just as much as Sonic Rush's.

Sonic Rush Adventure - A New Venture02:44

Sonic Rush Adventure - A New Venture

#39 A New Venture (Sonic Rush Adventure)

Even just based on the instrument choices made for this song, it does an excellent job of relating itself to the actual game. I mean, if you're playing a game set on a series of tropical islands, it should feel like that. Not only that, but the lyrics help to distinguish the overall attitude of the game, showcasing Sonic's carefree lifestyle, a lifestyle that Blaze is trying to emulate. Plus, the song itself is catchy enough that you'll remember it, but not quite at the level that it will be stuck in your head for all eternity. Based on the circumstances, the composers did an awesome job with this song, and I look forward to playing Sonic Rush Adventure because of it.

Number 38

When I started this countdown, I imagined that this song would be higher up than it actually ended up being, to which I would have called it a dark horse pick. Oh well. It's still a dark horse due to its subjects being dark horses.

Team Chaotix by Gunnar Nelson (Team Chaotix's Theme)-003:42

Team Chaotix by Gunnar Nelson (Team Chaotix's Theme)-0

#38 Team Chaotix (Sonic Heroes)

Oh Team Chaotix, why do you not have a solo game yet? Let's not worry about that right now, let's talk about the song instead. Like a lot of the character songs on the list so far, this one does a good job of showcasing the various characters and their abilities. Each member of Team Chaotix (who are Mighty and Bean?) get at least some of the song time devoted to their skills, and after playing through Sonic Heroes with them, it helps to showcase what their skills can amount to. Oh yeah, and the song's good too, of course. In all seriousness though, even the style of the song is reminiscent of the type of music that the team plays and likes. I love it when developers and songwriters think that far ahead.

Number 37

You know, it would be incredibly ironic if somebody set this as their alarm sound.

Waking Up by Julien-K (Neutral Theme of Shadow)-003:21

Waking Up by Julien-K (Neutral Theme of Shadow)-0

#37 Waking Up (Shadow the Hedgehog)

I may have mentioned this before, but I'm not too big of a fan of techno music and autotune. I don't go out of my way to hate it, I just prefer the sound of natural instruments. However, I will give this type of music credit where it's due, and usually, Sonic does a very good job in this department. Take this song for example. It's remarkably addicting, it shows the general attitude of Shadow throughout the game, even if you haven't been going through the neutral routes, and the techno style helps to emphasize the feelings the song creates. They aren't just there for show. But don't worry, this isn't the only techno song that's in the Top 40.

Also, insert obligatory EDGE joke here.

Number 36

Some of you might be surprised to see this song this low on the list. On previous lists I've seen/watched, it was very common to see this song listed much higher up than it is here. Hopefully, this won't bite me in the back.

Chosen One by Mona Lisa Overdrive (A2) (Neutral-Hero Theme of Shadow)04:13

Chosen One by Mona Lisa Overdrive (A2) (Neutral-Hero Theme of Shadow)

#36 Chosen One (Shadow the Hedgehog)

For the most part, I have been trying not to give the Shadow the Hedgehog songs too much flak for being darker than your traditional Sonic song, and frankly, it isn't too much of a problem here. The song is nice and soothing, the lyrics the lyrics fit the occasion (as per usual), and it can even be fittingly depressing. Unfortunately, that's where the main problem with this song comes from. Because it is way darker than even some of the other songs in this game, it can be a much bigger shock for those binging on Sonic music. I once heard somebody say that Shadow the Hedgehog wasn't a bad game, just a bad Sonic game. That can relate to this in a way. It's far from a bad song, but even though it's in my god-tier, it's also far from the best Sonic song.

Number 35

You thought that I would get in trouble for putting Chosen One as low as I did? This song isn't even the most popular version!

Open Your Heart (K-Klub Remix) by Crush 4005:55

Open Your Heart (K-Klub Remix) by Crush 40

#35 Open Your Heart (K-Klub Remix) (Sonic Adventure)

You are currently reading this correctly. Not only do I prefer a cover of this song over the original version, but it isn't even that high up on the list. "How can this possibly be?" you ask. Well, the original version is very good (if I were just doing original covers, it would still be in my god-tier), but in my opinion, this version does a better job of conveying the apocalyptic message of the song than the original version. Plus, the main beat is just a tad catchier than the original version, which gives it bonus points in my book.

Wow. This section is most likely going to be "the one with all the unpopular opinions".

Number 34

Sometimes, minimalism gets the entire message across better than anything else.

Raisin' Me Up (from Sonic Rush)03:53

Raisin' Me Up (from Sonic Rush)

#34 Raisin' Me Up (Sonic Rush)

Really, it's almost impossible to talk trash about Sonic Rush's soundtrack, it's just that awesome. Not only is it incredibly catchy, but it can express some pretty meaningful sayings without being too in your face about it. Take this song for example. It's catchy and easy to memorize, it shows the friendship that has formed between Sonic and Blaze, and it fits perfectly with the ending to the game. The techno style of the song, like the rest of Sonic Rush's soundtrack, don't detract from the actual meaning of the song, instead enhancing it more than anything else. A beautiful theme for a beautiful game.

Number 33

You know, there's a reason I like Blaze so much. She's skilled, she's independent (almost to a fault), she's something of a loner, I guess you could say that she's the Sonic character most like me. Her music certainly helps.

Sonic Rush Music Right There, Ride On (blaze)-004:09

Sonic Rush Music Right There, Ride On (blaze)-0

#33 Right There, Ride On (Blaze) (Sonic Rush)

First, I want to talk about the original version of this song. When you boot up Sonic Rush for the first time, you expect to hear something good, primarily because it's a Sonic game. Then this first tune appears, and not only are you satisfied, you're wowed by how groovy and catchy the music in this game is. Then, you find out that you can play as a different character who has her own remixes that are just as good, if not better, than the originals. I'm serious. The Blazy mixes (love the name, by the way) each add their own flair to the song that they're based off of, and it adds to the overall grooviness, which is what Sonic Rush is really all about.

Number 32

Similar to Secret Rings, I do find Sonic and the Black Knight to be a very underrated game. The controls are tight, the story is awesome, and while it is a bit on the short, easy side, I enjoy the heck out of it whenever I play it. Also, Crush 40. What's not to like?

Fight The Knight by Crush 40 (Black Knight Battle Theme)03:52

Fight The Knight by Crush 40 (Black Knight Battle Theme)

#32 Fight the Knight (Sonic and the Black Knight)

Since Secret Rings was my first Sonic game and this was my second, I had the impression that most to all Sonic background music would have vocals in them, not just the theme songs for the various games. So I was a little surprised at the difference in the soundtracks for these two games. It eventually wore off, thanks in no small part to the quality of what vocal songs there were, like this one. In contrast with some of the previous entries where symbolism and meaning helped the song a lot, this one just focuses on being awesome, something that it is very good at. The guitar thoroughly owns the stage here, the vocals help to get you pumped, and the entire song feels like something that would lead into a big movie showdown. That's kind of what's going on here, I know, but it still leaves quite an impact.

Number 31

I'll be honest, even though I haven't played his game, I think Shadow as a character gets way too much flak. He has cool abilities, an interesting personality, his plot lines are interesting in his games, and minus his appearance in Rise of Lyric, I don't think he's suffered from bad characterization. That and his songs are cool.

I Am..03:52

I Am... All of Me by Crush 40 (Main Theme of Shadow the Hedgehog)-0

#31 I Am... All of Me (Shadow the Hedgehog)

I've given other character theme songs points because of how good of a job they've done showing what their respective character is all about. Above all, this is why this song scores so high. It shows that no matter what happens, Shadow will always does what he wants, no matter what other people think. Not only that, but the song is just awesome. The riff at the beginning tells the listener that he or she is in for some intense beats, for lack of a better term. For a naturally darker entry in the franchise, this song at least does the job of offering a dark alternative to the usual light-heartedness of the franchise.

For those of us not paralyzed by the EDGE, we will be moving on to the Top 30.