Number 50

I've actually been very cautious today. I know that this is only an opinion, but I don't want to risk getting arrested by the Internet police for placing a Sonic Rush song this low on the list. Oh screw it. I've lived a good life!

Sonic Rush Music Back 2 Back (sonic)-005:00

Sonic Rush Music Back 2 Back (sonic)-0

#50 Back 2 Back (Sonic Rush)

When looking at this wiki's list of vocal Sonic songs, I was legitimately surprised that there were no Sonic Rush songs to fill in any spots. So, I took the liberty of taking a few songs from the game to round up the total tally from 75 to 80. Anyway, enough of explanations, on to the song. It's not exactly the highest scoring in the "meaningfulness" department (nothing in Sonic Rush is), but man is it catchy. There's really no bad song in Sonic Rush, it's just a matter of which song you prefer over all of the others. And I'm sorry to fans of this song for giving it such a low spot.

There. That should get rid of my online arrest warrant.

Number 49

If there's one consistently good thing about the Sonic R soundtrack, it's that it's extremely good at keeping a consistently good mood. Just listening to some of these songs is enough to brighten up your day. (I sure could have used some recently).

You're My Number One- Sonic R (Lyrics)03:55

You're My Number One- Sonic R (Lyrics)

#49 Number One (Sonic R)

Just from going back into my memory and not actually checking this countdown's archives, I seem to remember talking about how Sonic R's songs sounded a lot like love songs at times, and that seems to be what they were going for with this one. The lyrics evoke feelings of affection, the music is nice and soothing, it can be sung for either gender (not an essential ingredient in a good love song, just in this overly politically correct world), and to top it all off, it serves as a fitting ending for Sonic R. Overall, it's 48 spots away from Number One (ow).

Also, fair warning: while it's not going to be immediate, the rest of the Sonic R songs are going to be in this section, so if you don't like the music for this game, you have been warned.

Number 48

Mmmmm. Tastes like diabetes.

Follow Me by Kay Hanley (Team Rose's Theme)03:35

Follow Me by Kay Hanley (Team Rose's Theme)

#48 Follow Me (Sonic Heroes)

I'll be the first to admit this, this song takes the whole "sacrificing quality for the sake of cheerfulness" thing to the extreme. However, unlike the other Amy song we've seen on this list, it doesn't actually harm this song that much. It does a good job of representing each of the members of Team Rose (yes, even Big the Flipping Cat), even if it still primarily acts as a song for Amy. At the same time, I do admit that it's actually pretty catchy, something I would listen to as a guilty pleasure. But do I feel ashamed for putting this song this high up? Not as much as you might expect. I'm already screwed for a higher up spot, I might as well live a little.

Number 47

If I had to pick from just the basic songs out of all the different versions of every song from this list, the original version of Catch Me if You Can would definitely be dead last. That song is just awful. Luckily for everybody, I don't have to rant on an inferior version of this next song.

Catch Me If You Can (Zero Gravity Mix) by Runblebee (Theme of Babylon Rogues)-003:38

Catch Me If You Can (Zero Gravity Mix) by Runblebee (Theme of Babylon Rogues)-0

#47 Catch Me If You Can (Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity)

If I had to compare this song to a real life music genre, I would call it similar to a marching theme. It proclaims a triumphant tone that basically helps to show that the Babylon Rogues are a force to be reckoned with, and that any struggle with them won't be easy. There are times where the lyrics and rap style of the song will clash with the overall melody, which results in it having a subpar score (although at this point, subpar means not being in the god-tier), but overall, this is a huge improvement over the pile of trash that is the original version of this song.

Number 46

Well, I've heard of the whole diamond in the rough shtick before, so this might be a nice change of pace.

Diamond in the Sky- Sonic R (Lyrics)04:54

Diamond in the Sky- Sonic R (Lyrics)

#46 Diamond in the Sky (Sonic R)

Ok, that joke made no sense, so I'm going to just dive into the song. From a purely technical standpoint, it's not bad at all. It's catchy, the lyrics fit the mood of the song, and it's a blast to listen to. Yet, somehow, it feels as though this song is missing something. I mean, there has to be a reason that the rest of the Sonic R soundtrack is placed just after my god-tier level of songs. Truth be told, it could just be me trying to save some of my humility. Anyway, my point is, this song is good, it's just not as good as it could have been.

P. S. I meant no offense with my opener, I actually love Aladdin.

Number 45

Growing up in a pretty rural part of the country, I have no idea how truthful this song is about its source material, so let's just roll with its content.

Livin' in the City- Sonic R (Lyrics)04:46

Livin' in the City- Sonic R (Lyrics)

#45 Livin' in the City (Sonic R)

Thinking about it, this song seems more like it's talking about surviving an incredibly dangerous place rather than a city (of course, depending on the city...). At the same time, there is a sense of hope that is present throughout the entire song, which contrasts with the "survival" mood somewhat. Despite this slight discrepancy in the mood, it is a rather catchy song. The lyrics manage to fit both moods, the singer does a good job with the vocals (as well as the rest of the songs in the game), and there is just the right amount of "pumpage" music to fit the tone of the song without going overboard. That's really all I have to say about this song.

Number 44

I have an idea. Let's not argue about this next entry. Life is very short, and there's no time for fussing and fighting, my friends. I have always thought that it's a crime, and so I ask you once again...

Work It Out- Sonic R (Lyrics)04:24

Work It Out- Sonic R (Lyrics)

#44 Work it Out (Sonic R)

Don't worry. I don't actually find this song to be better than the Beatles. But that doesn't mean that the song isn't good in its own right, for it is actually pretty catchy. The beat is awesome, the song gets stuck in your head like you wouldn't believe, and even though it doesn't get rid of the song's overall cheesiness, the lyrics are still nice to listen. Even though the song is cheesy, that doesn't actually hinder the song that much. I guess it is my own executive decision that the song isn't higher up on the list than it is.

Number 43

I don't think I even need to make a clever pre-spot quip for this song, it kind of speaks for itself.

Can you feel the Sunshine?- Sonic R (Lyrics)05:01

Can you feel the Sunshine?- Sonic R (Lyrics)

#43 Can You Feel the Sunshine? (Sonic R)

Is it a bad thing that the most infamous song from this game is the one I like the most? I sure hope not. For all the flak it gets from the vast majority of people, it's actually got some sweet potential. Essentially, no matter how you view this song, you can have fun with it. If you legitimately love it, you can imagine it as a sweet song that reminds one of summer (gag). If you love it because of its cheesiness, you can make fun of it endlessly without having to worry about thinking about it too hard. If you hate the song in any way, see the previous mention. All in all, this song has endless possibilities (nowaitthatcomeslaterdangit).

Number 42

Well, we're in the good stretch now. Every single one of the remaining songs on this list is on my god-tier. I no longer have to pretend to be excited, we're doing this now! So, what do I consider to be the worst of the best? Hopefully, it's not too much of a surprise.

Sweet Sweet Sweet (2006 Akon Mix) by Dreams Come True and Akon04:44

Sweet Sweet Sweet (2006 Akon Mix) by Dreams Come True and Akon

#42 Sweet Sweet Sweet (Japanese) (Sonic 06)

Based on the overall tone of the song, I can easily imagine this being the ending theme for a Sonic anime. It's nice and soothing, and as an ending theme for the game, it helps to show just how much you've accomplished. I understand that there's a mini flame war going on (just like everything Sonic) about which version people prefer - this or the English version - so here's my two cents. While I have been trying not to score songs because of what games they're associated with, the English version reminds me a little too much of the whole Sonic X Elise "romance", which I just do not go with. Here, I can easily just relax to the Japanese lyrics without having to worry about cringy implications. Sorry to fans of the English version, this is one dub I actually prefer.

Number 41

Oh Sonic Rush, how do I love thee? Let me count thy ways. Your gameplay is as fluid as the sea, as intense as a fire. Your story shall ring true in the annals of Sonic continuity. And your music is on the level of the divine. Man, I love being whimsically archaic.

A New Day (from Sonic Rush)02:25

A New Day (from Sonic Rush)

#41 A New Day (Sonic Rush)

For something that could be considered the theme song of Sonic Rush, I'm legitimately surprised that this only plays in its entirety during the special stages. It kind of seems like a waste, as this song is pretty dang good. The songs of Sonic Rush in general have a tendency to drill themselves into your mind so that you'll never be rid of them, and this song is near the top of the list in that regard. Not only is it incredibly catchy, but it helps to represent that evolving attitude that Sonic stands for. If he finds something wrong with himself, he goes to fix it. It's what he does. Not only that, the same thing could be said for Blaze, as the entire story of Sonic Rush is about her warming up to basic compassion. That only boosts the song for me.

Now, for those of us who are not in a paralytic state of nostalgia, we shall move on to the Top 40.