Number 60

Part of the reason this song scores this low is due to something I like to call "hype overdosing". This happens when your opinion of a song decreases due to your constant exposure to it. As you continue to listen, it becomes less remarkable to you. And trust me when I say that Sega made absolutely sure that you would continue to listen to it.

Seven Rings In Hand by Steve Conte (Theme of Sonic and the Secret Rings)05:11

Seven Rings In Hand by Steve Conte (Theme of Sonic and the Secret Rings)

#60 Seven Rings in Hand (Sonic and the Secret Rings)

I have a feeling that everybody who's played Secret Rings has this song permanently etched into their subconscious due to just how prevalent it is. It is a shame that it suffers from hype overdosing, though, as it is pretty catchy. Runblebee does a nice job mixing in the Arabian themes with their own style of music, and thanks to the lyrics, the song does a remarkable job of being a theme to this game. It also adapts surprisingly well with the job of being the final boss theme for the game. Unfortunately, when you have this song constantly going through your head in between levels, the excitement is inevitably going to wear off, which is why it is this low on the list.

Number 59

I have a hard time deciding whether I want to cringe or dance along to this song whenever I hear it. So, a good neutral point for this one has to be good, right?

My Sweet Passion by Nikki Gregoroff (Theme of Amy)05:12

My Sweet Passion by Nikki Gregoroff (Theme of Amy)

#59 My Sweet Passion (Sonic Adventure 1)

Ok, yes I admit it, cheesy doesn't even begin to describe this song. The music is overly happy and bumpy (great anti-Shadow weapon, FYI), the word "sweet" is used way too often, and it sounds like the song's quality got shafted in favor of this. On the flip side of things, however, this song describes Amy's character PERFECTLY. She's overly cheerful as a character trait, she always wants to be with Sonic, and she's determined to end up with him by the time the day is done. I gotta hand it to the composers of this song, even if they knew that it sacrificed quality to showcase what Amy is like, they did the job wonderfully.

Number 58

Sometimes I wonder if this song is more popular than the game it originated from. Frankly, it wouldn't surprise me.

Sonic R "Super Sonic Racing" Soundtrack Music05:57

Sonic R "Super Sonic Racing" Soundtrack Music

#58 Super Sonic Racing (Sonic R)

Ah, the Sonic song that basically defined 90s cheesiness. Unlike other examples on this list, however, that actually serves to this song's advantage, making it catchy and fun instead of cringe and terrible. Not that there aren't problems with this song, though. Mainly in the beginning, there is a fair amount of "sing-speaking" present, which is something I hate in music. Luckily for Sonic R fans, this isn't nearly enough to make it a bad song. It is enough, though, to push it out of my god-tier level of Sonic songs. Oh well. JUST RACE!

Dodododo do do do do do do, dodododo do do do do do...

Number 57

I can't make up mind on if I like this songs indecisiveness or not.

Mmmm. Funny joke.

You're My Hero ~ Sonic 3D Blast Credits03:01

You're My Hero ~ Sonic 3D Blast Credits

#57 You're My Hero (Sonic 3D Blast)

In all seriousness, though, this song does have one major problem on its hands. Simply put, it doesn't really seem like it knows what type of song it wants to be. The slow melody along with most of the lyrics make it seem like it's some sort of love song, but considering what the rest of the lyrics are saying, the song appears to be trying too hard to move into the "action-Y" category. This doesn't do too much to tear the song apart, though, and you can have an awesome time with this. Just don't listen to this after lessons with Soar the Eagle.

Ha. References.

Number 56

Considering just how much representation this song has gotten in certain games (including Mario & Sonic and Generations), it arguably has as severe of a case of hype overdosing as Seven Rings in Hand. Luckily, it does help that this song is naturally better.

Let the Speed to Mend It (Sand Oasis Theme)-003:43

Let the Speed to Mend It (Sand Oasis Theme)-0

#56 Let the Speed Mend It (Sonic and the Secret Rings)

I mentioned in Seven Rings in Hand's entry that Runblebee did an awesome job of blending their own style with traditional Arabian music. Multiply that compliment a couple of times and you'll have my view of this song. Not only do the instruments blend better, but the song is arguably much catchier even without the blend, making the song naturally better as a result. Unfortunately, it also suffers from the same problem as Seven Rings in Hand: it's been done to death. It's been etched into the minds of everybody who's played Secret Rings, and to me, that affects the song in a negative way. I guess that's one reason to try out new music in general. You get choices to prevent boredom.

Number 55

Insert possibly the best scene in Sonic Adventure 2 here. Because you (or at least I) can't listen to this song without watching it first.

(Sonic Adventure 2 Battle) Hero 28) Sonic Vs01:09

(Sonic Adventure 2 Battle) Hero 28) Sonic Vs. Shadow

Yeah. It's awesome.

For True Story (feat. Everett Bradley) - Second Sonic vs02:32

For True Story (feat. Everett Bradley) - Second Sonic vs. Shadow Battle Theme from Sonic Adventure 2

#55 For True Story (Sonic Adventure 2)

Sometimes, it actually works to a video game song's favor if it is underscored by all the action that's going on. While Supporting Me didn't quite cut it in that department, this song definitely tackles the task. It both utilizes minimalism to symbolize Shadow's struggle throughout the game and stays quiet enough to act as a suitable soundtrack to underscore one of the ultimate fights in the game (even if it's not one of my favorites). No matter your opinion on this song, you have to admit that its dark atmosphere helps to enhance the fateful duel.

Hey. That gives me a few ideas.


Number 54

So it has come to this. Literally.

It Has Come to This (Vs02:50

It Has Come to This (Vs. Erazor Djinn)-0

#54 It Has Come to This (Sonic and the Secret Rings)

I know I've mentioned before that rap isn't one of my favorite music genres, and to be fair, I don't know if this could be considered rap, but if it is, it is most definitely an exception. The lyrics really help to amp up the stakes of this battle, as quite literally everything is on the line here. Now that I think about it, it does an almost identical job as For True Story: it underscores its respective battle. Ultimately, I give points to this song as it is marginally catchier than For True Story. Plus, this battle doesn't have as much to make fun of.

Number 53

I really am trying not to make too many EDGE jokes in this countdown because frankly, they're overrated. I also implore any readers of mine (all 5 of you) to keep these to a minimum as well. With that said, let's move on to something slightly less edgy than your standard Shadow fare.

This Machine by Julien-K (Team Dark's Theme)04:24

This Machine by Julien-K (Team Dark's Theme)

#53 This Machine (Sonic Heroes)

I am very impressed with the balance that Julien-K has struck between your typical punk rock song and your typical Sonic "class" (i.e. cheesiness). I think that if Sega tried something like this more often, Shadow's game (and his current personality in general) wouldn't be nearly as hated as it is. But I digress. The actual song is very good, with a calming message that doesn't try too hard to be dark (fitting for Sonic Heroes), while at the same time exploring what's going on with all of Team Dark. If there's one downside to this song, though, it's that it sounds a little too much like a certain singer I despise.

Note to self: list Tom Petty under personal berserk buttons.

Number 52

Now that I think about it, this song sounds very similar to another song from the same game that's going to be coming up later (spoiler alert). Oh well. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Through The Fire by Crush 40 (Knights of the Round Table Battle Theme)02:40

Through The Fire by Crush 40 (Knights of the Round Table Battle Theme)

#52 Through the Fire (Sonic and the Black Knight)

I'll start by admitting one of the song's major flaws: it's too short. I kind of imagine that Crush 40 didn't want to waste all their awesome talent on a song used for bosses you can beat in under a minute, so they saved it for later, more important stuff (other spoiler alert). Luckily, even with this song getting the shaft among Black Knight songs, it still kicks butt. The introduction gets you hyped for an awesome duel between you and a major rival of yours, the guitar controls the mood at all times, the lyrics are awesome, and the song in general is good for getting you pumped. I'd use it for working out if I actually worked out.

Number 51

Somewhere in the United States, an Angry Joe is cringing right now.

Free by Chris Madin (Theme of Sonic Free Riders)04:11

Free by Chris Madin (Theme of Sonic Free Riders)

#51 Free (Sonic Free Riders)

Ignoring any possible controversy the mere mention of this game may cause, it certainly sticks to the trend of having awesome music. This song establishes that trend. I get the feeling that they made this song first, then named and created the game it came from (it wouldn't surprise me), since it fits the overall mood of the game that much. Not only that, the guitar feel invigorating and "amping", and the lyrics help to add to the song's mood. If there is one problem with this song, it's that the vocals sound a little too loud, and they drown out the music a little too much. It's somewhat ironic that the Sonic Riders game considered the worst is the one with the "worst" overall theme.

If you're not stunned from having a "Free Riders" flashback right now, we'll now move on to the Top 50.