Those of you who have played Shadow the Hedgehog often wonder: What storyline did Shadow take that lead to the Last Story? Well, here, I've put down all the stages and am currently putting the pieces together.


Stage 01:

Stage 02:

Stage 03:

Stage 04:

Stage 05:

Stage 06:

Final Bosses:

Last Story:

Stage: The Last Way
Boss: Devil Doom

Roads Taken

Stage 01: Westopolis

  • Shadow starts out in, as we all know, Westopolis as the first level to recover the Chaos Emeralds. He got the first emerald in the middle of the city, and, regardless of the path he took (I believe it was the middle), he collects the second emerald.

Stage 02: Glyphic Canyon

  • It would be just like Shadow to choose the middle path, and tell Black Doom "I've got my own reasons for collecting these emeralds." No matter what the game's opening sequence says, I don't think Shadow would be cruel enough to kill 35 G.U.N soldiers. After all, whether or not he does is up to the player, not him. And even though eliminating all the Black ARMs sounds right, it isn't, for two reasons: The first is that Sonic requests he assist him in that mission. Why would he take any requests from Sonic? The second reason is because his priority is to get the emerald at the end, and he wouldn't want to waste time defeating any Black ARMs unless it were nessicary to his mission.

Stage 03: Prison Island

  • When Shadow wound up in Prison Island, he ran into Charmy Bee, who requested his assistance in recovering five "top secret discs". Just before meeting up with Charmy, he had a flashback that could have been vital to the game's storyline.

Stage 04: Mad Matrix

  • I believe Shadow took this road because, in the last story, when Team Chaotix was trying to recover some important data, Charmy did exactly what Shadow did before entering this stage: smash the keyboard. If Shadow hadn't taken this road, Charmy probably never would've adapted to the trick.

Stage 05: Air Fleet

  • After Shadow beat Devil Doom, the president is seen with the GUN Commander back at HQ. In this level, when taking the Dark path, the injured president is taken to GUN HQ. At the end of the Final Story, the President is seated in a chair at G.U.N HQ as well.

Stage 06: Black Comet

  • The Last Way stage is located on the Black Comet, where Black Doom is waiting for Shadow to arrive with the emeralds.

Final Bosses: Diablon and Sonic (or Sonic and Diablon)

  • Sonic, although it may not be obvious to some, is really the only possible boss Shadow could have fought and beaten. If it were Black Doom, the game would have been finished already. There would be no need for a Last Story with Shadow handing him over the emeralds. And it couldnt've been Eggman, or he surely would have killed him, and he wouldnt've been alive, let alone in the last cutscene. Sonic, on the otherhand, has fought Shadow before, so doing it a second time wouldn't really make a difference.

Last Story: The Last Way